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Hello! Question: I am 25 years old, there is no excess weight. One right leg swells after a walk, when I'm in a prone position, the edema subsides. Was at the doctor: the general or common analysis of a blood good, has made a picture of a bone of foot, there is an arthrosis (platypodia) in the easy form, but the doctor has told or said, that because of it or this the leg can not swell. The veins do not stick out, but they put a preliminary diagnosis of varicose veins of the lower extremities, now I drink ascorutin and detralex, I wear stockings stockings. But, if you do not wear that swelling comes back and still the right foot is slightly larger than the left one. Uzi veins did not do or make. I also noticed that when the swelling is severe, the right eye begins to ache (according to the right foot.) Can you please tell if there is a correlation, is the diagnosis correct, or should you undergo any additional procedures. in the pulling underwear and keep my legs up. I'll be waiting for the answer, in advance, thanks

Hello. It is necessary to understand why you have swelling. Mandatory conduct ultrasound diagnosis.

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Hello. 1,8 years ago after the diagnosis occlusive flaubothrombosis BPV on ur. shin and up to n / 3 thigh, an operation was performed to remove it from the groin to the shin. In the postoperative period, an insignificant thrombosis of gl. veins after Xarelto treatment 6 months of age normalized. Compression underwear 2 tbsp. compression I still wear daily treatment of Datralex 2 p / a year. Recently I began to notice that after I shoot it in the evening, the veins literally "stick out" after a while.

Hello. On December 7, 2015, I was made bilateral benervectomy. Coquetta had been operated on for two months. I wear therapeutic hosiery 2 types of compression. Within a month after opreatsia, I began to attend yoga. legs began to hurt. Classes while prekaratila. t. To. Ill with a thyroiditis and now I sit on corticosteroids. Worry swelling of the lower third of the shins. they are more on the inner surface in the form of a "hernia." I may yet wear stockings 3 compression. or can I have wrong stockings picked up. What.

Hello. My name is Elena to me 30 years. There is a daughter, we are planning a second child. Today was at the doctor of the vascular surgeon. After looking at his leg, he told me I had varicose veins. for tomorrow has appointed or nominated uzi veins and arteries of the bottom extremities. He proposes to do sclerotherapy. Whether there is such that from the first time after procedure it is possible to get rid of varices of veins for ever? Through what time it is possible?

Hello!I have swelling of my ankles on my legs, around my ankles. The third day does not pass. Before that, a few days of pain disturbed when bending the foot. There was no trauma, sprains, dislocations and other things, too. Shoes wear comfortable. The legs did not get tired and, at the same time, I did not sit for long in one position. I can not establish the cause and I do not know what to do about it.

Hello! On March 22, I was laparoscopically and scraped, and my legs were wound with elastic bandages. The day after the surgery, I took off the bandages as on one leg they were heavily tightened and when walking the foot ached and even appeared reddening just below the knee. 4 hours after that I wore compression stockings, but the pain did not go anywhere, but only intensified. Now I go with an elastic bandage on my foot. Every time, stepping on my left leg, I get a pain, beating that in.

Hello! Mom 61 years Have diagnosed - varicose disease of the right leg, valve failure PBV. Have told or said, that it is necessary to do or make EVLK and miniflebektomiju. The leg does not hurt, does not swell, no reddening in the vein, but the vein on the right leg is visible. Whether it is necessary to do or make operation. What can be the consequences after the operation. What disease can develop if the operation is not done. Thank you!

Pregnancy is 13 weeks.and There was a turgidity on the pubis soft to the right slightly elongated shape. Next to her down the calf and the vein began to widen a little. That it can be .boli like no. Only when long on my feet I'm a little pobalivaet.chto it can be?

Hello! February 25th this year, I was hospitalized with a diagnosis of ileofemoral phlebothrombosis on the left (swollen and left leg numb). After conservative treatment, I was discharged two weeks later, having prescribed xerelto, thrombotic, throxevasin and compression jersey. Swelling was asleep, but not completely. Before about a week the temperature began to rise a little about 37.5 degrees and does not drop until now. The current rises in the evening. The first question is how it should be.

Good afternoon! She made a phlebectomy on both legs. In 4 months I'll go to Kislovodsk for treatment. What procedures are contraindicated for me - baths, Charcot's shower, mud cure, sauna (barrel). Can I ride a bicycle? I'm afraid, as if the other veins did not come out. Thank you.

Hello! my mother, had an operation on her leg, but a large thrombus was not removed on her finger, although it was due to this thrombus that she laid down for the operation. When the doctor came, he said if I had an operation, I would have removed it. The doctor explained that the thrombus will resolve with time, but my mom is very worried because of this blood clot on the finger. Is it true that a thrombus on the thumb will resolve or need to be operated again?

Good afternoon! Help is needed!The patient-my mother is a 53-year-old woman. Before the fracture, a live, active, generally healthy. After fracture of the neck of the thigh and performed operation (screws), CT found pulmonary infarction ("quotation from the conclusion of a" massive thrombus ") From the first day of resuscitation (19.02.2016) we take Xarelto 15mg -2r / day I want to try to put leeches, because they say that they can dissolve the thrombus (Xarelto only prevents the formation of new and dilutes the blood), but the cardiologist.

Good afternoon! Igor Alexandrovich, yesterday did sclerotherapy of the veins of the lower extremities, and two days after the operation she found out that pregnant, how this will affect the baby, I am very worried, because during pregnancy it is impossible to do sclerotherapy, thanks for the answer.

Hello, can I make an injection of "Nicotinic acid"?

on the ribs to the left showed a thick vein (orsomething similar) looks like the letter "Z". there are tingling left in the region of the ribs and behind in the area of ​​the scapula closer to the spine. on the heartache it does not seem like. It appeared when I started to exercise about half a year later. what is it. whether it is dangerous. whether it is related to sports (boxing).

Hello! I need advice. After phlebectomy on the leg, it took 2 weeks, the pain in the gastrocnemius was disturbed. All the time, a bandaged leg and drink Venotonics. How long will the pain and what to do?