Swelling of the feet in the morning

Health. How to get rid of edema on legs?

Can get rid of swelling can useeffective methods. Doctors advise to step over from the toe to the heel several times in a row, stretching the muscles of the shins. Many support themselves in good shape and often visit gyms.

Women often complain of pain in the legs, the appearance of swelling. According to doctors, the appearance of edema can be associated with diseases of the kidneys, heart, lymph vessels.

The reason can often be in varicose veins, so it is necessary to undergo diagnostics and effective treatment. You can also use special ointments from swelling.

However, most ointments are not curative, butonly preventive action. Ointments contribute to better blood circulation and venous outflow, but do not eliminate the main cause of edema.

If the gods begin to get sick, immediately you should consult a phlebologist, because prevention is always better than treatment.

If there are severe swelling on the legs, this is a symptom of the appearance of a serious disease of lymphadenoma, in which the normal outflow of lymph through the lymph vessels is disturbed.

If there are swelling of the feet in the evening and do not disappear in the morning, and the skin changes in places of swelling, then it is more likely that a person has lymphadenoma, it is urgent to see a doctor.

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