Puffiness of lower leg right heart or kidney

Dear, Anton Vladimirovich! My wife (80 years old) suffers from shortness of breath and swelling of her legs during the day due to heart failure. It takes lisinopril and amlodipine for normalization of art. pressure up to 130/65. A concor or aegil is prescribed. But she has a very low pulse at rest 50-52, and adrenoblockers dramatically reduce heart rate to 42-48. I had to refuse. Advise, with what preparations it is possible to eliminate painful sensations in heart, and also to raise load tolerance at walking. Many thanks.

Good afternoon! Discuss with the doctor a decrease in the dose of beta-blockers, the withdrawal of amlodipine (in case of heart failure this is not the best choice), the appointment of diuretics (loop + spironolactone), an increase in the dose of ACE inhibitors to the maximum tolerable.

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