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Eyes - not only a mirror of the soul, but also a reflectionphysical condition of a person. Virtually any ailment affects the appearance, on the skin, on the face. For example, the eyelid edema can indicate various diseases of the kidneys, overweight and a number of other problems.


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  • - Chamomile flowers;
  • - raw potatoes;
  • - parsley juice;
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - tea leaves.

Edema of the eyelids arise in the case of variouschronic kidney disease, heart disease, metabolic disorders. However, this ailment can overtake a completely healthy person. There may be several reasons for this: a lot of water or other drinks drank at night, did not get enough sleep, they were tired. Even a bad mood and health impose their imprint on the eyes. As a result, edema appears.

To cause swelling over the eyes may be an incorrect position during sleep. The head should be slightly above the level of the whole body. "Adjust" the position of the head and trunk will help a comfortable pillow.

Fortunately, this problem is fixable. There are several ways to eliminate eye swelling. First, first you need to find out the cause of the edema of the eyelids. If the swelling of the eyes is caused by diseases of the internal organs, consult a doctor. After the examination and conducting special tests, he will appoint the appropriate treatment.

If the body is all right - take care of yourself. Remember: a healthy and active lifestyle and sleep for at least eight hours a day can work wonders.

For the normal functioning of the body andmetabolism is necessary a day to drink two or two and a half liters of fluid. But you should not use it in the evening, before going to sleep: in the morning you can not recognize your reflection in the mirror. Also, if you tend to edema, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of salty and smoked food. But fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet will only benefit.

Get rid of puffiness above the eyes wellhelp and improvised means. For example, ordinary potatoes can work wonders. Its juice well nourishes the skin of the eyelids, nourishes and removes swelling. For a potato compress, it is sufficient to rinse the roots thoroughly, peel off, cut into slices and put on eyes for 10-15 minutes. A good assistant in the fight against swelling of the eyelids is potato juice. To make it, grind the medium potato on a grater, squeeze the juice from the resulting mass and pat them with cotton or gauze disks. Make a compress out of them.

Excellent means of preventing edema over the eyes- Parsley juice. It is prepared from shredded greenery. Also, if desired, a few drops of vegetable oil, preferably olive oil, can be added to the mush or parsley juice.

It helps to get rid of puffiness over the eyes of the ice. Frozen in the refrigerator, parsley juice, a decoction of chamomile flowers and in the mornings wipe the eyelids with vitamin cubes.

The role of an ambulance in the swelling of the eyelids can also be performed by fresh cucumber. At the same time it does not matter whether it will be cut by mugs, crushed into gruel or squeezed.

With fatigue and swelling of the eyes, put on the eyelids wadded disks impregnated with warm tea brew. Perfect for these purposes tea in bags.