How to remove swelling of the legs with varicose veins

alexander weiner Guru (2693) 6 years ago

varicose veins. get busy body and legs stretching, Tibetan complex Eye of rebirth, author Peter Kelder. buy a book or download in the internet. the link to the book, how to wake up in the first 30 minutes you need to drink 600 grams of water and 40 minutes not to eat. nothing else helps, including surgery, personal experience

* Nastenka * Master (1543) 6 years ago

contrast shower, preferably cold

Oksa Enlightened (43612) 6 years ago

Need a visit to the phlebologist, too serious a disease to be treated on the advice of "friends"

[email protected] Guru (3192) 6 years ago

cream and pills, and only under the appointment of a phlebologist. but in the final version probably will have to resort to surgical treatment

Basil Enlightened (29958) 6 years ago

Almost eliminate puffiness inDuring the day with the help of the reflexotherapy method, applied since 1997 in the field of adaptive receptor therapy (the official name of medical technology on the registry of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation - DENS-therapy).

merry Kurva Master (1804) 6 years ago

1. Exclude spices from the diet (sweet, salty, peppered) and fried
2. Reduce the amount of water and it is possible to take diuretics

Inga Artificial Intelligence (283438) 6 years ago

completely eliminate it will not work. Outer - heparin ointments and gels, inside - diuretic herbs. Limit fluid intake and saline. And so all my life

Natalia Enlightened (26795) 6 years ago

Depends on the stage of varicose veins. I was prescribed a compression jersey, it helps.
But in any case, you need to consult a phlebologist, now there are enough methods of treating varicose veins without surgery.