How quickly to remove swelling of the legs

Strong swelling on the face can signala serious disease in the body. you, u Probably there was a failure in the kidneys, the liver even or the heart. Also, puffiness on the face may appear due to hormonal disorders, allergic reactions and functions of reducing the thyroid gland. In this case, the face for puffiness will first appear in the mornings of intake after a lot of liquid at night. With the illness, time will progress, and the swelling of the face will accompany "will" you throughout the day.

cause When the appearance of edema of the eyelids iscardio-vascular disease, edema subsides slowly very. In this case, it is necessary immediately to the cardiologist to address, because it is fraught with lethal Pr.

outcome of a decrease in thyroid function along withedema eyes appear depressive state, the skin dries. To eliminate the cause of the onset and edema treatment, it is necessary to contact the endocrinologist.

But the causes of edema may not beonly For example. diseases, some people complain that in the heat of time they have swelling on their hands, and the reason lies in the worsening of outflow of lymph. After a high liquid temperature stagnates in the body. If, Therefore, you do not want after the sunburn edema appeared, do not abuse the finding under the sun.

Swelling If the face appears after applicationit means that you have allergies to it. Also, the face swollen may be a consequence of drinking and, during a hangover, alcohol not only appears under the bags with eyes, but swelling of the cheekbones also occurs. face Swells after sleeping? Perhaps you did not sleep in a comfortable very pose, or drank a lot of liquids for the night.

Why is swelling of the face swelling? on the face can be after this. In case of a blow to the bruised place, ice should be applied and a doctor should be consulted. When practicing a person sports can also swell.

In any case, in the case of answering the question: why has it swelled up, a person needs to examine his body

To remove or take off How edemas on the face?

If you remove the puffiness, a little it will help youice water, wash your face with it. Also, you can wipe the ice skin with a dice, and repeat this procedure less is not needed 2 times a day. These methods will help you quickly remove swelling.

What can be treated for a century? Use a compress of green tea. To do this, brew strong damp, tea in the finished product wadded disk gauze or, put on your face for 15-20 minutes.

There is a pill also from swelling on the face. Most often they have a diuretic property. Through these superfluous preparations the liquid is deduced from an organism, and owing to the face of it gets a healthy appearance.

The appearance of "bags" under the eyes of thesignals that your body has accumulated excess fluid. Therefore, you need to exclude from the foods those rations that cause thirst, for example, salted products, smoked meat, sausage products, carbonated, canned drinks, chips.

When swelling food, eat boiled potatoes, fresh tomatoes, bananas, apples, boiled meat (beef, poultry), sour cream, milk, eggs.

Give up fatty and fried Better. dishes cook food for a couple, bake in or oven to extinguish. Add garlic to the food, use olive oil. If you will obey edema, the diet will soon go to "no." If you see the swelling of the face in the morning, try not to use the liquid at night.

How to remove swelling after surgery?

After an operative swelling in the bodyare inevitable. In this case, it's not worth worrying about, after all, most of the time they disappear after a few days. You can only accelerate the process of their disappearance. For less of this, use liquids, stick to the above mentioned. In a diet, do not take a hot bath, do not go to the bath and sauna. If the weather is hot on the street, postpone the walk for tomorrow.

If there are no swelling for a long time, you should consult a specialist. Perhaps you will be prescribed a medicinal and massage remedy.

When there is puffiness, it is worththink about the body's treatment. Yes, undisputedly, you can get rid of the flow of people's faces in ways, but it's all temporary! First, in your turn, you need to establish and eradicate Only. the reason after that you will forget about the hated "under" bags with your eyes. Quickly remove the swelling on your face will be, but to cure will need, the disease time.