How to determine the swelling of the legs

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Pain in the legs, there is a sudden there is a constant. Sore different legs in different places.
right leg
in the region of the knee (joint)
under the knee pulls
on the shin on the left - as if pulling the veins

Feet and tibia: each time swells in random places, can only one leg. Pain in the feet is also on the side.
Sensations: the tunic, then burns, it itches, then, as if "crammed."

Severe pain occurs at night, and when you sit on a low stool and your legs are clamped.

There are days that there is almost no lameness and pain, most often I can not get out of bed and move around, during the day I "walk around" but pain does not go away mobility is limited.

Calms down for a short while with massage, bandaging, lifting the legs on the pillow, taking ibuprofen.
When bandaging for a long period, the feeling of wilting.
There is also a similar pain in the right and left hand in the area of ​​the thumb.

Visited the surgeon 3 times phlebologist 2 times,

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Preliminary diagnoses: in the combination of lymphostasis, varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis.
I'm going to the rheumatologist tomorrow, what will he say.

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was rengen, color duplex scanning of veins, examination by the above-named specialists.

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Sorry, even a neurologist, only he said that with "this" not to him.

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Weight can not be reduced ((
Back massage was recently (a month ago)
In general, all thanks for the answers!

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The supplement simply remembered: my mother is the same, only her 71 g. -diagnosis is unknown.
Still (flat feet, there was a knee ligament injury in March 2010, ultrasound of the veins, tolerable, but the operation is required)

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Tatyana. You have DZ: varicose veins of the lower extremities.
Arthrosis-arthritis of large joints.
I recommend that the joints be shown to the rheumatologist, and to the orthopedist.
Weight must be reduced.
I do not think elephantiasis (by age). and legs are swollen from behind the veins.
It is necessary doobsledovatsya.
Determine with a diagnosis and be treated purposefully!

A source: old school doctor

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Read your question carefully. There is no answer to it.

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Please, of course, but the question is what? If you do not know which doctor to go to, start with the therapist, he will tell you which doctor to go to, if this is not his profile! Oh, here at last the question has appeared, well if there were both at the phlebologist and at the surgeon, probably it is necessary to make complex inspection. To hand over a blood and on biochemistry and on hormones, a roentgen of a backbone, US of an abdominal cavity, kidneys to check up, the cardiogram to make. I wish you an early diagnosis, well, recovery.

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The diagnosis in a paid clinic is based on the principle, the worse, the better (more expensive the treatment).

Vadim Davydov The Thinker (6397) 5 years ago

What kind of surveys were they?

Alexander Vishnyakov The Thinker (6605) 5 years ago

Visit the rheumatologist.
And certainly a nutritionist.
On the eye - you have kg. 20-25 extra. Reduce weight and legs feel better.)))))

guzelia vahabova Guru (2903) 5 years ago

you missed 2 doctors. this is a neurologist and a chiropractor. I had a similar compassion but the therapist started treatment generally left. they helped exactly these doctors. they have a specificity so that no matter who you go to.

ewgeny gasnikov Artificial Intelligence (279760) 5 years ago

The reason for all your sores and diagnoses is simple to impossible-so it shows itself
kidney failure or, based on the canons of Tibetan medicine, ** cold ** kidney.

Gon Mudrets (18084) 5 years ago

Read "three in the boat, not counting the dog" (J. Kapka Jerome). And the diagnosis is posed by the doctor after the examination.

Cat Mudrets (18641) 5 years ago

These are the consequences of smoking and overweight.

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you can not solve the problem with the opposite sex in your head. you need to forgive and let go otherwise you completely nail yourself.

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And I would advise you to treat the spine. Diseases of the hands and feet - all from the spine. Pass the course of a good non-sparing massage - the improvement will be necessary and the doctor will ask you to examine the spine

Lena Ivanova Enlightened (21268) 5 years ago

anavenol, etc.

from arthrosis - depends on the degree - now intraarticular injections with hyaluronic acid are made.

or rather, our advice is unnecessary - you need the doctor to correctly appoint treatment so that all drugs are compatible

everything you do right - go to the doctors and follow their recommendations

I'm sure you will definitely get a treatment that will give positive dynamics!

Olga Molostova The Thinker (8796) 5 years ago

You are a patient of an endocrinologist. Take a blood test and take a blood test for a hormone. Such symptoms occur when there is a disruption in the endocrine system.