How to remove puffiness after a fracture

Very often after fracture and prolongedthe presence of limbs in the gypsum causes swelling in the damaged area. In order for the damaged bone to heal as soon as possible, it is necessary to get rid of the leakage. To do this, resort to various medical physiotherapy activities, as well as folk methods.

Swelling of any origin is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space.

Puffiness after the removal of gypsum is due todisorders of circulation and circulation of lymph in damaged tissue. In most cases, pain with puffiness is absent, there is only stiffness of the muscles and fast fatigue.

Edema of the limb (arms or legs) after fracturecan pass independently without special treatment as the blood circulation in the tissues improves and their gradual recovery. But if the edema is very significant, ancillary therapy is needed.

How to remove a tumor after a fracture

As a rule, doctors prescribe gels or ointments afterfractures of bones that improve lymph flow and blood circulation. If necessary, it will be necessary to limit the mobility of the limb for some time and pass the phonophoresis with different drugs or electrophoresis, muscle electrostimulation and ultraviolet irradiation.

At home, you can try using magneticor ebonite disks, which need to be massaged edematous for a few minutes twice a day to improve blood flow and restore the mobility of the injured limb.

An obligatory part of rehabilitation therapyis massage and gymnastics, as well as the development of the affected limb. To create individual exercises can help an experienced instructor, depending on the place of injury and its severity.

Take the blue clay and make a cake out of it, put it on the place of the fracture. This is very useful especially when the joint has been damaged and it is necessary to prevent the development of arthrosis.

For removal of puffiness it is useful every morning and for the night to rub the edematous places with fir oil.

You can also try to make baths orCompresses with medicinal tincture of arnica or infusion of this herb. Infusion can be prepared as follows: pour one liter of water two or three tablespoons of raw materials, insist one hour and strain. The compress should be placed before going to bed for 15 minutes.

Remove puffiness and pain after fracturewill help infusion of calendula, which must be taken in the form of a drink four times a day. To make a drink, you need to put one tablespoon of flowers in a thermos and pour them with 500 milliliters of boiling water. An hour later, infusion can be consumed. You can also mix in equal amounts (one tablespoon) of chamomile, St. John's wort and valerian. This mixture is brewed with one glass of boiling water and insist 15 minutes under the lid, after that drink throughout the day.

Very effective against swellingsagebrush. Pour one glass of boiling water two tablespoons of herb wormwood and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. After that, insist in the heat for two hours and filter. To prepare the compress, take half a glass of aloe juice and a glass of the resulting infusion. Dampen this composition with a napkin and apply it to the edematous place. Update this lotion every four hours.