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Pressotherapy (synonym: lymph drainage) is a reliable method of normalizing the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body. The procedure of pressotherapy helps to remove excess fluid and thus eliminates edema and heaviness in the limbs.

Pressoterapiya can be manual (performed by a professional masseur) or hardware (using the device for pressotherapy). Hardware pressure therapy can be performed in a clinic or at home.

With hardware pressure therapy on the flowing partsThe body is exposed to air coming into special cuffs from the compressor. The procedure is completely painless and helps to relax and relieve nervous tension

The device for pressotherapy for home use is completely safe and easy to use.

The most common lymphostasis of the lowerextremities - it is in the legs often accumulate excess fluid. If swelling, appearing, gradually progresses and does not go away, you need to urgently consult a specialist to understand what is the cause of this condition.

Most likely, you will not be able to completely get rid of swelling during pregnancy, but you can definitely reduce unpleasant symptoms with 11 simple rules.

· The mechanism of pressotherapy with the device for pressotherapy at home

· The effect of pressotherapy

· Apparatus for pressotherapy in the home

We compared the most popular modelsmodern devices for pressotherapy for the home. Modern devices for pressotherapy at home are multi-chambered and are equipped with mechanical or electronic control of the compression sequences in different chambers of the massager.

Of course, the most important thing is the diet that youwas a gynecologist. But it happens that the diet does not help. And you do not want to use superfluous pharmaceuticals during pregnancy! A non-drug effective and safe method for controlling swelling is a mechanical effect on parts of the body in which excess fluid accumulates. This effect was called pressotherapy (lymph drainage). What is especially important in pregnancy: presossterapiyu can be carried out at home.

The apparatus by means of whichpressotherapy, consists of two parts: cuffs that are worn on the legs, arms, hips or waist and a compressor that supplies air to the cuff chambers. Depending on the chosen program, the cameras are filled alternately or sequentially, and thus the therapeutic effect is maximized.

Diet for edema: what foods can be eaten, what foods should be excluded.

Carbohydrates, canned foods, ready-made dairy products and semi-finished products are the very products that cost you a diet from swelling. And that's why…

According to expert estimates of the leading Russian clinics forthe use of the device for pressotherapy, the amount of edema decreases from 25% to 80%, depending on the degree of edema, as well as the severity of the venous edema component.

You came home in the evening, boots are shaking, legs are buzzing. So you want to stretch out in the horizontal and do nothing! Such are the sensations of many people with edema of the feet.

Let's understand what foot swelling: symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of leg edema.

At the first signs of swelling, you should consult your doctor to find out its cause, not to miss a serious illness and start treatment in time.

The price of one procedure for manual pressure therapy is approximately 2,000 rubles. One session of hardware pressotherapy costs an average of 1,500 rubles.

The price range is quite wide-the price for a manualpressotherapy depends on the qualification and experience of the masseur, and the cost of hardware pressure therapy is influenced by the popularity and authority of the clinic where the procedure is performed. The purchase of an apparatus for pressotherapy home is topical if the problem of otox is acute, and procedures must be performed regularly.

Often swelling is a consequence of malnutrition. When swelling is necessary to adhere to a diet. to live an active lifestyle.

Another reason for the edema, which, fortunately,is almost completely cured, it is a deficiency of vitamins. Additional intake of the necessary vitamins can solve the problem, and also strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of more serious diseases.

The change in lifestyle and diet, as well as the use of special massage techniques and yoga will help get rid of swelling at home.

These 10 simple methods are not only the prevention of edema, but also generally have a beneficial effect on your body!

The main task is to find out the cause of puffiness anddevelop an appropriate treatment program. The fastest results you will achieve if you combine the individual therapy you need with a diet and a modern and universal remedy for edema - pressotherapy, mechanical action on swollen limbs to normalize the circulation of fluid in the body.

Some poses of yoga (asanas) help effectivelyto fight with edema. Yoga practice helps to stretch the muscles, including the smallest muscles of the whole body: from the head to the fingertips. Stretching while practicing yoga is an excellent prevention of fluid retention throughout the body. Thus, regular practice of asanas helps cope with swelling and generally improve the functioning of the body.

Swelling of the feet can be caused by:

· Impaired natural circulation of lymph due to malfunction of the lymphatic system;

· Varicose veins - in this case, the process of circulation of venous blood is disrupted;

· Inactive way of life;

· Diseases of the kidneys, heart;

· A metabolic disorder, when excess salt accumulating in the body accumulates in the body.

The following diseases are a contraindication to pressotherapy:

- Ischemic heart disease

Lymph drainage, or pressotherapy is a methodphysiotherapeutic treatment, which normalizes the circulation of blood and lymph in the body and has a deep healing effect on the body. The essence of lymph drainage lies in the provision of varying pressure on the flowing parts of the body. There are two ways to perform this procedure: manual massage and hardware lymph drainage.

Lymphedema is a disease in which the functioning of the lymphatic system is disturbed. As a result, the body accumulates excess lymph.

The results of pressotherapy will pleasantly surprise everyone who wants to lose weight:

- Fat tissue is broken down and cellulite is reduced,

- The skin becomes more elastic,

- By removing excess fluid from the body, body volumes are reduced.

Products that have a diuretic property,practically do not have negative side effects. Unlike drugs and even herbs, foods contain other nutrients that reduce the side effects of diuretic phytochemicals.

The article lists the most popular products that help to remove swelling, to remove excess fluid from the body, not allowing it to linger.

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