How to determine if there is swelling on the legs

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If in the evenings on your feet youdeep tracks from seemingly not at all tight socks and golf gum, and without any apparent reason, your weight has increased dramatically, your favorite shoes have become small, there are swelling, cellulite and bags under the eyes - all this may be symptoms of accumulation of excess fluid in the body.

Fluid retention - although unpleasant, but more often quitesafe syndrome. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor to eliminate diseases that can also be accompanied by swelling, such as kidney disease, circulatory system and metabolic disorders.

1 g of glycogen clings to himself 4 g of water.

To determine whether you have swelling or not, you can do this: press your fingers on the bone of the lower leg. If there is a trace from the fingers, it is a sign that your feet have swelled. But swelling can also have a hidden character. They can be diagnosed by doctors, with the help of regular weighing, measuring blood pressure and monitoring urinalysis.

The causes of edema and fluid retention in the body

• Improper nutrition, which leads to a violation of the balance of electrolytes: sodium, potassium and chlorine ions.
• Excessive drinking, when the intake of liquid exceeds its excretion.
• Sedentary lifestyle.
• Some medications and contraceptives.
• The habit of throwing a foot on the leg, mostly standing or sedentary work, heat and fatigue of the feet, uncomfortable, tight shoes - everything that leads to a violation of blood circulation in the legs.
• Pregnancy and changes in the body that accompany it.
• Premenstrual syndrome.
• Diseases of the kidneys, circulatory and digestive organs, metabolic disorders, a number of other diseases.

How to reduce the amount of fluid in your body and deal with edema yourself

There are quite harmless measures that will help to remove swelling and reduce the amount of fluid in your body.

The drainage diet of Linda Lazarides

Diuretics Diets There are many. But to date the most famous and popular of them is the Drainage Diet, written by Linda Lazarides.

The essence of this diet: edema and excess weight are not due to the fact thatwe drink a lot of water, and because of the fact that some substances hold it in the body. Hence, the problem of edema can be solved by abandoning these substances - primarily from salt and carbohydrates.

You can not eat foods:
Sugar, honey, syrup and all products containing them,dairy products, eggs, yeast, any red meat, salt and all salty foods, including ham, bacon, smoked fish, cheeses, cakes, pastries, chocolate, potato chips, butter, margarine, fried foods, cream, mayonnaise, pastries, sauces , gravy, fatty desserts, wheat flour, alcohol and products containing artificial additives.

You can use:
Soy milk and yogurts (natural, withoutadditives), fruit (except grapes and bananas), vegetables (except potatoes), seeds, nuts, oat flakes, brown rice, legumes, lean poultry and fish. You can drink freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas and other low-caffeinated beverages.

The number of allowed products is not limited - you can eat as much as you want.

Efficiency: for the first week weight loss can reach 6 kg (this is due to loss of fluid). After the pace will not be so noticeable, but 1-2 kg per week - a very real result.

Regular treatment of this diet a week before the month can significantly ease the PMS, and even completely rid it of him.

Herbal decoctions and teas that reduce swelling

• Green tea
• Black or green tea with milk
• Melissa
• Cowberry tea
• Broth of wild rose
• Broth of cumin
• Broth of hawthorn
• Mate
• Water with lemon juice
• Complex pharmacy fees, which usually include: bearberry, mountain bird (sporich), nettle, field horsetail and other herbs.

Products that reduce swelling

• Watermelon, cucumber, melon
• Celery
• Beans
• Baked potato
• Green apple varieties
• Oats
• Low-fat milk and kefir
• Honey
• Juice of the viburnum, mountain ash
• Sorrel
• Nettles
• Beetroots

What helps to reduce swelling

• Sauna, sauna, bath

Prescription bath for removing swelling and excess fluid

Pour water in a bath with a temperature of 37-38 ° C, dilute in it 300 g of sea salt and a batch of soda. The time of taking such a bath is about half an hour. 2 hours before the bath and 2 hours after you can not drink.
You can repeat this procedure 3 times a week. Such a bath helps to lose 500-700 g of weight per procedure.

• Massage and workout

If you sit a lot, then as often as possiblefingernails, do circular motions with your feet, stand on your toes for a few seconds (15-20 times). In the evenings, lie down for 10 minutes and throw your feet on a wall or on some elevation, and afterwards vigorously rub them from feet to knees.

• Contrast shower for feet

Contrast shower well helps strengthen the vesselsfeet. It is not necessary to specifically allocate time for this, after a regular shower, change several times the water from hot to cold and vice versa. Do not include ice water, leave it at a temperature that does not irritate you. To cooler water you need to come gradually. Contrast baths can only be made for the feet. The basic rule of such procedures is that it is necessary to finish on cool water.

• Physical exercise: running, swimming, walking.
• Medicinal diuretics

There are many different medicinaldiuretics. But self-use is not recommended, because of the high probability of various complications. Consult a doctor.

Any diuretics you need to useCaution! Uncontrolled and prolonged use of diuretics can lead to dehydration of the body, as well as to the violation of the water-salt balance.