How to remove swelling of the legs with heart failure

Nadezhda Timofeeva In order to remove from the body excessliquid, you can use decoctions of medicinal plants. A very effective remedy for swelling of the legs and kidneys is infusion of bark and elderberries. With the already available varicose nodules on the legs, it is possible to impose on them steamed elderberry leaves.

Also a good diuretic is decoctions of birch leaves and kidneys, from lime flowers, and field horsetail extract.

Tired and swollen legs can be helped by wipingtheir pieces of ice or making a bath for their feet. For 5-10 minutes, lower your legs into cold water, then lightly tweezers massage the swollen areas from the bottom up. In cold water, you can add sea or salt, at a rate of 2 tbsp. spoons for 1 liter of water, or a few tablespoons of pine extract. Put your feet in the healing bath for 15-20 minutes - swelling will disappear, and fatigue will immediately remove it!

To remove leg swelling, you can use garlic. Chop the garlic head, and pour a glass of boiling water. The present chilled slurry rubs the swollen places, and after 30 minutes rinse with cool water. It is very important, in the presence of varicose veins, to avoid taking hot baths or a hot shower. Such water expands the blood vessels and promotes stagnation of blood.

To prevent swelling and heaviness in the legs, you must regularly perform a set of simple exercises:

put the right foot on the left and lift as high as possible of the toe of the left, then the right foot;

stand on your toes and wait for a few seconds;
move the weight of the body from the heel to the toe, from the outside of the foot to the inside and vice versa;
make 5-10 light jumps on tiptoe;
sitting on a chair, lift your legs and make circular motions with your feet;
Bend your toes down, and then sharpen them upwards.

Recommended preparations of "Dr. Nona »:
• "Mud mask" (for 20-30 minutes) - raise the legs in the procedure by up to 20 cm.
• "Halo-gel" (wash off the "mud mask").
• "Quartet of salts" (common and foot baths).
• "Dynamic cream" (applied after the "Mud mask"). The text is hidden deployed

Damir Iskhakov Address to the good cardiologist. The text is hidden deployed

Andrey Tolstonosov To remove or reduce the swelling of the legs, you must drinkwater, paradoxical as it may seem. Edemas are a sign of lack of fluid in the body, and not of excess. Therefore, the organization for the preservation of fluid creates edemas. You can learn more about this in the books of F. Batmanghelidzh "Your body asks for water" and others, or on the website www Many cardiac products contain diuretics to facilitate the work of the kidneys. In case of temporary relief, this will create other problems up to gout. With strong swelling, you can drink water in small portions for 2-3 sips in an hour or two. Be healthy! Tolstonosov Andr.Andr . The text is hidden deployed