Edema during pregnancy on legs how to get rid of

  • Diuretic teas
  • Vitamins
  • The doctor's consultation

Pregnancy for a woman is the happiest time. And so that these nine months are really fun, you should know some secrets. One of the most common problems during pregnancy are swelling of the legs. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of edema on the feet during pregnancy, it is logical if the woman expects the baby. As a rule, the first signs of puffiness appear already for a period of 4-5 months. Therefore, the future mother should significantly reduce the amount of salt consumed, because it helps to retain fluid in the body, which causes swelling.

Pregnant should give up smoked andfried food. It is better to replace it with steamed and stewed dishes, which are much more useful, because during cooking they retain much more vitamins and minerals. Preferably once a week or twice in ten days to arrange unloading days. Their essence lies in the fact that a pregnant woman must consume within 24 hours only cottage cheese, or only apples. You can use the combined option, but the amount of consumed products should not exceed one kilogram.

If the problem has already occurred, it is bestask the doctor about how to get rid of edema on the legs during pregnancy. He can advise to introduce in the diet teas with a diuretic effect. It can be a collection from the root of valerian, leaves of cowberry, laurel grass, hips and hawthorn, which must be brewed and drunk several times a day for 100 ml. Every pregnant woman should monitor the fluid intake per day. The total amount should not exceed the volume of 2.5 liters (including fruit juice, teas, soups, milk drinks, etc.). It is recommended to drink non-carbonated table mineral water.

Swelling of the feet depends directly on the abilityof the body to remove the liquid. Therefore, doctors recommend diuretic drinks. But instead of them you can use such products as grapefruit, apple, cucumber and watermelon, and from drugs with diuretic effect should be completely abandoned, because such a load on the mother's body can negatively affect the baby. Swelling during pregnancy can appear and when the body of a woman lacks vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the future mother should take pharmacy vitamin complexes, while you can not refuse and natural, which enter the body with food.

Do not give up light sports, somore, if there are no contraindications. Pregnant is useful to walk more in the open air, especially where there is green vegetation (forest, park). Daily walks contribute to improving the work of metabolism, strengthening the muscles of the body (especially the legs). stimulate proper blood circulation in the body, and also help get rid of swelling in the legs during pregnancy. All this positively affects both the health of a woman and a baby. In the evening, you can perform light physical exercises. Before going to bed (or at any other time), it is recommended to raise your legs above your head, by leading them against the wall or back of the chair. Using special pantyhose for pregnant women, and also following all the recommendations, pregnancy will bring only joy and pleasure.