How to reduce swelling of the legs with lymphostasis

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Lymphostasis of the foot Is a chronic swelling of the soft tissues of the foot,arising from the accumulation of lymphatic fluid as a result of the disturbance of its outflow (more). Lymphatic edema, lymphostasis, lymphedema, elephant leg are synonyms.

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Specialists of the Center for Phlebology Dr. Savinov Treat leg lymphostasis in accordance with European standards. As a result, patients return to a normal way of life, which is the main indicator of our doctors lymphologists.

Specialists of our center have the biggest experience in the Crimea treatment of lymphostasis by the method of complex physical therapy (CFT by Foeldi).

What makes it possible to achieve high efficiency in the treatment of leg lymphostasis?

- An integrated approach to treatment, the experience of our lymphatologists and an individual program for each patient.
- Manual lymph drainage massage for the treatment of lymphostasis, performed only by certified professionals who have received special training.
- Modern equipment allows you to accurately perform the diagnosis of lymphostasis and choose the right treatment tactics.

The level and quality of services of our center corresponds to leading foreign clinics, while the price level is much lower.

What is the secret of successful treatment in the center of Dr. Savinov?

The main difference of our center in the approach and experience. Patients receive complex treatment of lymphostasis according to European standards .

The basis of the complex treatment is manual lymphodrainage massage
. Massage improves the efficiency of the affected lymphatic system, reduces chronic lymphatic edema of the foot, prevents and softens the compaction of tissues.

In addition, we use such methods of complex treatment of lymphostasis:

- Equipment lymph drainage pneumomassage - the affected limb is worn specialcuffs that exert mechanical compression under high pressure for a given program. It is performed after manual lymph drainage, it allows to achieve additional reduction of lymphostasis.
- Banding of the limb (compression) - it is necessary to fix the results of anti-edematous therapy. Special patients are worn around the clock, not taking off throughout the course of treatment.
- Medicines and special purposes. Also for the treatment of lymphostasis, drug therapy and a special diet are used. Care of the skin of the affected limb, performance of physiotherapy exercises and respiratory gymnastics.

What provides a higher level of efficacy of lymphostasis treatment than other methods?

With foot lymphostasis treatment should be carried out in a complex manner. If you just set yourself the goal of eliminating swelling with local effects, this will only give a temporary result.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy (Foeldi CFT) on the basis of evidencemedicine and many years of experience of European clinics of lymphology, the most safe and effective method of conservative approach. Leading German lymphologists have recognized CFT as the gold standard of treatment.

Only CFT allows to achieve a significant reduction in edemaaffected limb in a short period of time. Prevent development of lymphostasis of the leg or other leg area, the occurrence of complications, improve the functioning of the affected lymphatic system, prepare the limb for further, maintenance therapy and, most importantly, improve the quality of life of the patient.

The course of complex treatment consists of:

- special manual lymph drainage massage for the treatment of lymphostasis;
- hardware lymphatic pneumomassage;
- the use of special bandages for the treatment of shin lymphostasis;
- compression jersey of the 3rd class (Medi - Germany);
- performance of special therapeutic physical training;
- course of drug therapy;
- and much more.

How long does it take to receive a course of treatment?

Treatment is carried out by specially trained medical personnel under supervision the doctor of the lymphologist. The course includes usually at least 10 procedures, each with an average duration of 90 minutes. The entire process of treating lymphostasis of the thigh or lower leg is performed on an outpatient basis.

What should I do after the completion of the course?

The affected leg is worn specialjersey (Medi Germany) for the treatment of lymphostasis of the foot or other limb site. Knitwear can be presented in the form of compression socks or stockings of the 3rd class of compression.

Medi knitwear for the treatment of leg or hand lymphostasis

The doctor prescribes maintenance therapy,aimed at the prevention of edema. For each patient a schedule of examinations is made. Sometimes during the year, another course of therapy may be required, with more advanced stages of 1-2 courses of complex treatment per year.

Prognosis of treatment of lymphatic edema (lymphedema)

Expediency and effectiveness of therapy independs on the severity of the disease. If you start treatment on initial manifestations, you can achieve a persistent reduction in edema and prolonged remission. The best results are possible at the I-II stage of the disease.

What will happen if the leg lymphostasis is not treated?

It is worth remembering that lymphostasis is a chronica disease that is constantly progressing and without adequate treatment necessarily leads to the development of complications. In the initial stages of swelling, there is a feeling of bursting, heaviness, pain in the leg becomes worse. In the future, bacterial lesions of skin areas, cellulite and erysipelas can join. The greater the age of the disease, the more limited the mobility, the limb function is completely lost in neglected cases.

Benefits of treating leg lymphostasis in the center of Dr. Savinov

In the process of treatment, specialbandages for the treatment of lymphostasis, the world's leading brands (Medi, Hartmann). At the end of the course - branded compression knitwear of the 3rd class of compression (Medi - Germany) for the treatment of lymphostasis.

Comfortable accommodation for out-of-town patients

Non-resident patients of our center and their relatives can stay in the apartments on the territory of our center throughout the course of treatment. With comfort and at affordable prices.

You pay once and receive a full package of medical services. The cost of treatment includes all medicines, supplies, Compression jersey (Medi) of the 3rd class of compression, for the treatment of lymphostasis.

In our specialized showroom is presentedCompression knitwear from the world's leading brand Medi. This is, without exaggeration, the best knitwear, which you can buy in the Crimea at affordable prices.

You can make an appointment and receive treatment or call +7 978 731 21 01 (Crimea, Simferopol).