Points on the body that relieve swelling of the feet

Marina Edemskaya Enlightened (33153) 7 years ago

swelling is an indication for a doctor's consultation(the therapist). severe swelling-to the doctor quickly. swelling of the legs to and above (abdomen, arms, etc.). especially by the evening is the heart, and the problems are very serious; an increase in the volume of the stomach-liver, at the stage of "everything is bad"; face to morning-kidney (also not very good). as there is an allergic edema, angioedema, and so on. either exhaustion, lack of protein. life threatening.
Thou art dear health (and life). do not try to determine the cause yourself. the sooner you see a doctor, the more likely you are to get out of this condition with the least loss

elena m Artificial Intelligence (109538) 7 years ago

diuretic herbs
and to the urologist

Love Bondareva Master (1240) 7 years ago

Dmitry Kononenko Expert (318) 7 years ago

address first to the therapist, the causes of edema can be various violations in the work of orgasm. it is necessary to be surveyed.

Irina Lapshina Enlightened (32669) 7 years ago

I agree that there are many reasons: from cardiovascular changes to kidney disorders. Determine: either analysis or by typing. This will determine the advice.

Nadezhda Karose Pupil (199) 7 years ago

And how much do you drink WATER,