Swelling of the feet in oncology of the 4th stage

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Oncology. Treatment oncology folk remedies Unfortunately, oncology is now in second place after diseases of the cardiovascular system. Folk treatment oncology To begin folk treatment oncology follows with the cleansing of the intestine, t. It is especially important to keep the intestines clean during folk treatment oncology, when there is a disintegration of cancer cells, and it is desirable to use more than one herb and tinctures. Treatment oncology herbs In treatment oncology folk remedies can not do without poisonous herbs (hemlock, cocklebur, mushroom, hoof, etc. Together with herbs for folk treatment oncology should take a tincture to maintain the normal state of the gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system, heart, liver. When oncology lung and breast cancer in patients in the pleural region accumulates fluid. In people's treatment oncology This type is very helpful horsetail field, the effect of which is felt quickly. Oncology Treatment with juices An important role in the treatment oncology folk remedies are played by beet juices (dark varieties), carrots, black radishes. In the treatment oncology folk remedies, nutrition is required in a variety of ways, so that radionuclides are actively excreted from the body. During treatment oncologists folk remedies, it is necessary to exclude from the menu sharp and salty dishes, alcohol, yeast bread from fine flour.

Folk remedy against anemia, initial stages pulmonary tuberculosis and malnutrition. This folk remedy well helps anemic, as well as tuberculosis patients in the first stages their illnesses. An irreplaceable folk remedy for exhaustion, anemia and an initial stages pulmonary tuberculosis Take 400 g of internal lard and 6 green apples.

Treatment of kidney cancer The most effective method for the 1-3 stages kidney cancer - surgical intervention. The volume of surgical intervention depends on stages disease and tumor size.

Creator - Mother - Child - Father child. It is desirable that father the child was actively involved in childbirth.

My friend, who had too dry skin and often (especially in the morning) appeared bags under the eyes and edema, my grandmother also gave some useful advice. A edema eyelids and bags under the eyes of my grandmother advised to clean with parsley.

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    Fragment of the text of the post. For decreasing edema the brain is recommended to use tincture from chestnut horse. More information: http://narlekar.com/post_1252244704.html

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    Fragment of the text of the post. In traditional medicine, this plant has so far not been widely used and is in stages research, but it is quite often used in folk medicine, especially externally in the form of ointments, compresses.

    American oncologists are convinced that the high content of carotene in daily diet is a good defense against cancer.

    In this case, you should always consider the blood group, the state of immunity, age, the presence or absence of allergies to bee products, stage this or that disease.

    If with chronic pyelonephritis, the state of health worsens - pain in the lower back increases, edema on the face, headache and nausea, aches in the legs below the knees - I connect the tincture of propolis (1 h.