Swelling of the feet with diabetes

The disease of diabetes affects manyorgans and systems of the human body and lower limbs also suffer. From excessive amounts of sugar in the blood there are irreparable changes in the nervous system and blood vessels supplying the blood of the foot. Therefore, swelling of the feet with diabetes is not a rare phenomenon. - nephrotic syndrome. Edema is manifested against the background of long-term development of diabetes; - damage to blood vessel walls.

Diabetes mellitus on the soles of the photo Diabetes mellitus. burning sensation. In the photo you are edema of the foot.

Such a disease as diabetes can. caused by edema. foot diabetes.

From lack of adequate access tolimbs, the feet of diabetics swell. Vessels accumulate plaques that block the access of blood to the lower limbs. Deterioration of blood circulation in turn can cause the development of gangrene and even amputation of the leg; - Neuropathy. This pathology manifests itself against the background of a disturbance of the nervous system. In the neuropathic system, a fluid accumulates in the subcutaneous lining of the foot, which complicates the condition of the foot; - defeat of arthropathy joints.

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