How to eliminate swelling on the legs

How to eliminate swelling of the legs

Swollen, swollen legs look unattractive. But behind an unpleasant appearance, depriving many women of calmness, can be a serious illness. If swelling is a regular phenomenon, it is necessary to see a doctor.

It is better to identify the cause in advance, without waitingexacerbation of the disease. After all, it can be heart failure, and disorders in the metabolic system, and kidney disease and other ailments that it is better not to run. Well, if swelling of the lower extremities is temporary and infrequent in your body, then you can use the following tips.

The cause of foot swelling is often notsize. Tight, uncomfortable shoes squeeze the foot, as a result of a complex process of fluid outflow from the legs is very difficult. The result is ugly, swollen feet. It is only necessary to get rid of swelling slippers or boots, as the body quickly restores balance. No matter how you are attached to beautiful shoes, it is better to part with it - in the first place you need to put health, and in the future, shoes must necessarily be selected according to size.

Help the body cope with swelling of the legs withusing various medicinal broths and diuretics. But you do not need to hurry, first try not to drink liquids after 19:00. Often in the fight against swelling use ointments, which include rutin and heparin, strengthening capillaries. A large effect is provided by ointments based on horse chestnut.

Tired legs to cope with edema will help andcold compresses. Slightly wrung out soaked in cold water material (preferably some kind of cotton cloth), legs are wrapped up for the night, waterproof skirts are put on top. Replace shoe covers can be an ordinary package, on top of which you need to wear woolen socks. In the morning the compress is removed, and the feet are massaged from the bottom up.

Warm baths with sea salt for a long timeUsed to remove swelling from the feet. After the feet rest in water with dissolved salt, they should be rinsed with cold water and lightly massaged in the legs and ankles.

Watch yourself in the summer. Sunburn is the cause of the deterioration of the exchange of fluids, it makes the veins weak. If you notice that after being under the open sun there is swelling, try to get less under direct sunlight. Lead a more active lifestyle. Movement is a natural enemy of any stagnation, including stagnation of blood in the vessels of the legs.