Swelling on the legs before giving birth

The main symptoms of edema of the udder in a cow can becarry its painless increase in volume. In most cases, the body temperature is slightly below normal, its local increase, as a rule, is not observed. On the skin of the udder, when pressing with your fingertips, depressions remain for a long time. In this case, no deviations are detected. The skin tension is clearly expressed, which increases the risk of its damage. Strong edema of the udder can provoke mastitis, hamper the milking process.

Most often minor swelling within 5-7days after childbirth pass and do not presume a special treatment. If this process takes a serious enough form, you should exclude (or at least reduce) from the cow's diet juicy fodders, concentrates and table salt. To feed her during this period is necessary hay of good quality. Consumption of water should be limited. It is recommended to sow a cow up to 8 times a day.

With congestive swelling of the udder, measures must be takento prevent possible injuries of swollen tissues. The cow can not be allowed into a common herd with other animals. In doing so, you should take walks with her for 1 hour 3-4 times a day.

It is recommended to carry out an easy massage of the udderdirection from the bottom up. Do not use irritating ointments and liniments. When edema, they are contraindicated. In case the swelling has come before giving birth, the cow should be given several times a day to give in.

Therapy for swelling of the udder should be aimed atrestoration of lympho- and blood circulation, reduction of interstitial pressure. These goals are achieved by frequent surrendering and carrying out a massage towards the base of the udder of the cow. To the sick animal it is possible to enter intravenously 100-150 ml of a 10% solution of calcium chloride or calcium gluconate. Subcutaneously injected cardiac drug - 10-20 ml of 20% caffeine benzoate. Edema will resolve more quickly if you make poultices of hay and warm wrapping.

With a strongly sagging udder, it is recommendedtie it up with a nephew or a supporting bandage. A good effect with swelling is rubbing the anti-edema and anti-inflammatory ointment "Riegefen". In combination with general and local treatment, laxatives of medium salts (magnesia, Carlsbad salt, castor oil), diuretic infusions or decoctions (from juniper berries, birch buds, horsetail) can be used, distracting rubbing in the area of ​​croup, limbs, and breasts.