Swelling of the legs with kidney failure

Antispam Profi (683) 4 years ago

With renal, not only on the face, but also on the wholebody, especially on the legs. The mechanism of education is usually simple - the kidneys do not cope with the amount of work and some of the water is trivially spreading through the body. I do not know about cores.

OLGA LOSEVA Oracle (57457) 4 years ago

At the person of 2 circles of a circulation (big - allbody, small - lungs). Accordingly, edema can be in large and small circles. Water in edema with heart failure is subject to gravity. That is, in the leading active lifestyle of patients - this is the swelling of the feet, which begin with the feet, then increase to the shins and higher. In bedridden patients - it swelling of the back and waist, as well as the back surfaces of the legs. Edema on a small circle of blood circulation is a fluid in the pleural cavity, in the lungs themselves.

A source: heart failure is chronic insufficiency. medicinform.net> Articles of doctors> Cardiology

Safonova Sage (13676) 4 years ago

at a heart failure edemas happen as onlegs and face and hands swelling and edema of the lungs (the heart can not cope with pumping less blood and this leads to a decrease in blood supply to vitally important organs and promotes the development of edema!

Andrei Expert (255) 4 years ago

with renal edema, the participation of protein is important. from there and dancing