Lymph swelling of feet treatment

Medical and Engineering Center "AKVITA" was founded in 1991

License of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Health Care for the implementation of activities for the production and maintenance of medical equipment No. ФС-99-03-003535 of 05.02.2013.

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For several decades, physiotherapy has been practiced in medicine because it is not only effective, but also safe for our body.

The Medical and Engineering Center "Aquita" develops andintroduces modern physiotherapy equipment (pneumomasser and functional pneumatic tutor) for medical institutions of various profiles.

In modern medicine, lower limb massage can be performed through a variety of systems, and one of the most effective among them is Lymph-E. This system allows.

To treat lymphatic swelling of the legs is necessary before the occurrence of organic changes in soft tissues. Conservative treatment includes.

Lymphatic drainage is intended for patients withinsufficient microcirculation of the skin, as well as for the prevention of aging and insufficiency of blood and lymph flow. In addition, lymphatic drainage is often recommended.

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