Alcohol and swelling of the legs

Edema is the body's signal for "malfunctioning" in his work. This is a common problem, especially in the beautiful half of humanity. A fairly common phenomenon is that they often occur in people who spend most of the day on their feet. A prolonged sitting also promotes swelling of the legs.

If edema on the legs appear regularly - be sure to contactthe doctor. Only a doctor after a preliminary examination will put a correct diagnosis, find the causes of edema on the legs and help "remove" the unpleasant sensations by treatment.

The causes of edema can be many. We list them:

3. Diseases of veins. Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins or acute vein thrombosis.

4. Diseases of the kidneys and liver.

8. Violation of venous outflow.

12. Education is benign and malignant.

13. Not properly selected shoes.

Physicians have proved that there is no direct connection between the amount of fluid consumed and swelling.

Swelling began to occur often? Along with them, there were other unpleasant and "strange" symptoms (cramps, ulcers)? And if the swelling of feet that has arisen in the morning did not sleep, do not postpone the trip to the doctor for "sweat". Immediately go through a comprehensive examination, which is best left to the doctor - phlebologist or angiologist.

Pass the tests and take a survey:

Blood test for hormones.

Analysis of the blood coagulation system.

Izzy small pelvis and abdominal cavity and abdominal space.

Only after their results start treatment. Self-medication can become not just harmful, but also fatal and deadly.

If you have swelling on your legs, from the back of their parts andare manifested without itching and pain on both extremities, then, most likely the cause of their onset were kidney pathologies. Also, the recent acute respiratory infection may be the cause. As a rule, such swelling is accompanied by dark circles under the eyes. an increase in body temperature, swelling of the eyelids, a change in color and the amount of urine.

If all of the listed symptoms are "joined by diarrhea", but there is no violation in urination, then there is a high probability that the cause of edema is intestinal disease.

Edema, along with shortness of breath, wheezing and rapid pulse, and at the end of the day, both legs swell? The reason is a glitch in the heart.

The lack of hormones is noted for the swelling of the tongue, lethargy and drowsiness. Edema on the legs with thyroid gland diseases appear in the lower part of the shin.

Edema in the manifestations of varicose veins are usually not symmetrical. Identify them is difficult, as a rule, puffiness manifests itself in the evening. Can occur on one leg.

"Simple" methods against swelling

As the easiest ways to combat leg edema, we recommend the following tools and exercises:

1. Contrast shower and special bath. Keep your feet in warm water, then cool. As an additive, use sea salt and herbs. Contraindicated "hot" baths with varicose veins. Of the herbs recommended the use of plants - astragalus, the broth which helps to reduce puffiness and well affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

2. Exercises "birch" and "bicycle". Raise your legs up in a prone position.

3. Wearing comfortable and maximum comfortable shoes, preferably without heels. Change, if possible, shoes throughout the day.

4. Pharmacies offer a wide range of ointments and creams that help to remove swelling and strengthen the capillary system. In such ointments, heparin and rutin are present. Excellent help cream and ointment based on horse chestnut. Do not forget to consult a specialist before buying an ointment or cream.

5. During sleep, "lay" your feet on the pillow or roller so that your legs are located above the "heart rate".

6. Make bags with birch leaves and apply for a few minutes to the feet. Birch leaves help reduce edema on the legs.

7. If possible, let your feet rest.

8. Do an independent foot massage. Stretch your feet, feet. Massage is best to start from the thumb, passing through the shin to the thigh.

9. Very useful for the legs is cryomassage ice slices, cooked on the basis of medicinal herbs. Medicinal herbs recommended for making ice are the following: sage, mountain arnica, yarrow, peppermint, eucalyptus and others.

10. Be engaged in a special complex of exercises. Such a complex consists of walking on the fingers, exercises "heel-toe", "spreading out" and pinching of fingers, rotational movements of the feet.

11. Roll the rubber ball with your feet.