After removal of the vein on the leg, severe swelling

The left leg was strongly swollen, the veins turned red and became solid inflamed. The doctor prescribed compresses with Vishnevsky ointment and an antibiotic,
and the foot compress - alcohol with furatsilinom, every day it becomes worse than what to do, the inflammation rises on the leg all
higher. I inherited it, I'm 42 years old.

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Good day. My friend has phlebothrombosis of the iliac veins on the left. CVI 2 tbsp. after she was overdrawn with a linget after a leg injury in 2006. Doctors give disappointing forecasts. My question is this: is it possible in some Russia in Russia to have operations to remove a thrombus, for example endoscopic? Or should there be other methods of lysing a thrombus, through a cava filter for example? At us in Irkutsk doctors do not undertake operation because of a deep arrangement of a vein. I do not believe that she can not be helped.

Hello! Tell me please, can I swim in flippers with varicose veins? Is not the load heavy? Thank you!

Hello. My right leg was thrombophlebitis 15 years ago. Now my leg is blue, I did ultrasound six months ago, after which I was told that not a single valve works. What should I do?

Hello! To my mum 4 months ago have removed an inguinal lymphonodus (in it there was a metastasis), after a month at it or her the foot has very strongly swelled up. We live in a small town and no suitable specialists, please tell me what can be done to at least reduce the swelling on the leg? Whether it is normal, what after a lymphonodus removal the leg strongly swells? Where can I go if this problem has to be solved surgically? Thank you in advance for your response.

Hello! I'm 45, height 170, weight 98. Recurrent PE of small branches (7-9 relapses). The superficial veins were not dilated, there was a deep vein thrombosis of the legs, heparin was treated, then a duplex scan showed patency. Accepted warfarin, but attacks of PE left. I have voluntarily added 100mg daily to this thromboass. At one time I took 150 mg, and even smeared shins with heparin ointment, tk. I felt a burning sensation in my veins. At this time, in those places where the shins were bandaged, there appeared bright ones.

At school age, there were often seizures at nightcalves. I did not pay attention to it. Soon my legs began to ache often and I turned to the doctor: they put me a grade, prescribed stockings, etc. Has made US of vessels of a dignosis was confirmed (put 2 degree). Mme is 24 years old, he did not serve in the army. Last time when I was at the doctor I was offered an operation, but I refused. I have a question, will they take me into the army with varicose veins?

Hello. In July 2009, an operation was performed - a large saphenous vein was removed on the right foot in a specialized clinic and the femoral nerve was damaged, now it becomes swollen under the load and numb from the foot. The question is, how long will this continue and who can I contact?

Hello! I am 37 years old. After a fracture of the left fibula in the upper third, edema appeared on the left leg, from the knee and below the + foot. Acute thrombophlebitis of the deep femoral vein on the left was diagnosed. Treated - detrolex + magnet. After treatment, the swelling of the foot continues, up to the impossibility of wearing shoes. Work - all day long (but not static). As a preventive measure, we were advised to drink 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice daily. Tell me how and how to continue treatment and.

Hello! Tell me how to deal with the problem of pain, heaviness in the legs and all this, and they are in the blue mesh? I'm 28 years old, I have 2 children - when I gave birth to the first child, the pain, heaviness and blue setochka not so worried, and after the second birth became much worse - the pain and heaviness increased, and the blue mesh became larger and appeared already above the knees. I smear gels, creams, but they do not help me. You have to walk constantly in pants. Every day my feet ache more and become a blue mesh.

During the third pregnancy, the enlargement of the veinsincreased, so I wore a compression stocking. During the operation she was in a stocking. Has removed or has taken off for the second day after operation and there was a complication - a thrombophlebitis. They made a bandage of the mouth on the thigh. Edema did not sleep. I breast-feed the baby. The doctor prescribed treatment - a vodka compress. The pain subsided, but the blood clots did not go away. What are your recommendations? Is it possible to wear a compression stocking in this case?

Hello, I have a question for you. In 1999, I was operated for a varicose leg disease. During the operation, the deep vein was damaged, plastic was performed. How can I avoid further problems with my legs, since the legs swell and there is cyanosis of the skin?

Hello, I'm 33 years old, the first signsvaricose veins were in 18 years when on the left shin there was a huge bruise and a pain. After treatment with escusane and essene gel (1 month), everything passed. At the moment I am in the decree with the second child, at the first pregnancy there were no problems with the veins, but the second one was with complications. At 8 months, edemas and veins increased, began to wear special stockings, it became a little easier. After the birth, everything passed. Now my child is 7 months old, on.

Hello! Help me please! My mother (she is 56 years old) has a trophic ulcer of the lower limb that has not been going on for 4 years. Many drugs are allergic. Lying in several Moscow hospitals, and to no avail. In one they even made a skin transplant, but she did not get accustomed. After scanning the veins, it turned out that at birth she had only 16 valves instead of 20 valves, and now only works 6. The doctor said that the first thing to do is to put the valves into practice, after the ulcer should be delayed. It.

Hello. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs showed varicose veins of the uterus and small pelvis, is treatment necessary? How important is it to conduct it?

Hello! To me 35, now it is pregnant for 4 months. 2 years ago it was treated for varicose veins and I was diagnosed with thrombophlebitis of deep peripheral veins with a trophic ulcer near the ankle. Is there any kind of treatment or relief for the period of pregnancy? Thank you in advance.