Edema of the bone marrow of the corneal process of the ulna

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Hello, Doctor! Advise please the course of treatment with a closed fracture of the corneal process of the ulna on the left. Injury occurred on 04/06/2014. Computer tomography showed the presence of two fragments, which were removed on 16.06.2014. The gypsum was removed on 04/07/2014. Attended physiotherapy - CMT, exercise therapy, massage, made compresses with dimexid and baths with sea salt. Despite all the preventive actions, the movement of the hand is difficult, I can not touch the shoulder with a brush, and the arm at the elbow does not fully unbend. July 29, 2014 made a magnetic resonance imaging, a conclusion: MR picture of neuritis of the ulnar nerve, partial damage of tendon fibers of the shoulder muscle and instep with signs of edema, trabecular edema of the lateral condyle of the humerus and coronoid process of the ulna, deformation of the anterior margin of the coronoid process, synovitis, small synovial cyst. Doctor, I really need your advice. Thank you in advance. Good-bye.

Tags: лфк after fracture of coronoid process of ulna, fracture of coronoid process of left ulna

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