How to remove swelling after gypsum on the leg

The appearance of an edema after the plaster is removed,occurs due to a violation of the circulation of blood and lymph in tissues that have been damaged. This phenomenon is also manifested by stiffness of the muscle tissue and excessive fatigue of the whole organism as a whole.

How to remove swelling after gypsum

Often swelling after fractures are themselvesthanks to the restoration of tissues and the resumption of circulation of blood. However, there are cases that puffiness is so significant that it requires additional treatment.

To reduce swelling after fractures, beforein total, therapeutic exercise is applied, which serves the restoration of circulation of blood. At first, rehabilitation exercises should be carried out without the use of loads. To develop a damaged limb is necessary with the instructor, making up a set of exercises, depending on how difficult was the fracture and from the place in which it happened.

The use of therapeutic physical training not only servesto eliminate edema, but also serves to prevent deformation of the fingers and joints. At fractures of a leg or foot, very effective exercises are a flexion of a foot and grasping of small subjects by means of fingers of a leg. Walking on the toes and toes of the feet is also recommended. In the beginning, exercises for the feet, it is recommended to perform prone: raise your legs, move your feet and toes. A good effect on the removal of puffiness in fractures of legs, exercise on the stationary bike.

A necessary part of rehabilitative therapyserves massage and toe shoes with the use of insteps. Puffiness due to fracture of the ankle quickly passes if bandage an ankle with an elastic bandage or wear a special shoe with a limiter for the joints.

Remove swelling after removal of gypsum: use of gels and ointments

Reducing edema formation is facilitated bySpecial ointments and gels that serve to restore circulation of blood, such as heparin or troxevasin ointments. To eliminate the consequences of fractures, electrophoresis using herbs and hydrotherapy is used. Promotes the removal of edema after fractures, ultraviolet irradiation and electrical muscle stimulation.

All this means are designed tobring the muscles that have long been in inactivity, into the necessary tone. But the most important means of eliminating puffiness after fractures, after all, are exercises and diligent development of damaged limbs.