How much to keep postoperative edema on the leg

Rezvykh writes:
Already 4 days have passed, there is still swelling. The doctor says that this is the way it should be. During the operation, the ligament was sewn and the muscles were moved (they did so that they were around the knee joint and did not allow the joint to jump out). That's how it was explained by the doctor.
Another doctor on the phone said that if the pawwarm, then it means that the dressing is not tight and not over-tightened. And about the withdrawal it was said only - come after 14 days to remove stitches + injections and pills are prescribed.

What do you think about this situation? How many days after a complicated operation should swelling be swollen?

What you did was understandable, but it depends which profile of the doctor who operated you, also the important question is age. Edema at the site of surgery is such a norm, but depends on which edema and where.

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