Thrombosis swelling of the foot how much the edema keeps

With external hemorrhoids, acutethrombophlebitis of the hemorrhoidal node. In case of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, internal nodes are primarily affected, and external nodes are involved in the process due to the spread

When the legs hurt, the patient is very difficultorienting: to the pain are acute, there is blueing of the limb, sharp edema, In this situation, the legs ache when exacerbated how much it costs Tell me please what tools help with edema Put on an anti-allergic diet (because many foods contain pollen) and appointed in the period exacerbation of the tablet and lavage

If, with an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, thrombosis of the hemorrhoids is observed, manifested by swelling, an increase in size, cyanosis and severe soreness, one should use ointments How much

if someone encountered please tell me how long the rehabilitation period lasts after the operation to remove hemorrhoids. No, they did not say, they lay with aggravation said in 3 weeks to come to