Edema of the legs from groin to knee

Can I help in my diabetes Type 2 diabetes I am on insulin

Symptoms: huge lymphatic swelling of the legs in the inguinal and knee parts

To begin with, the lymphatic edemaare located primarily on the foot and shin. In the region of the hips and knee joints there is an altered fatty tissue, and this condition is called a lipedema. Unfortunately, without correcting the body weight, we most likely will not be able to help you significantly. It should begin with body weight. Independently you should not do this, given the presence of diabetes, contact the Institute of Nutrition.

To ease the condition of the legs and reduce swelling,You should bandage your feet with an elastic bandage. It will be enough to bandage the toe to the knee from the toes, as I will, I sweat, swelling in the first place on the foot and shin.

At the Phlebology Center, we are treatinglymphatic edema, we perform lymphatic drainage procedures - manual and hardware lymph drainage massage. For treatment, you need to come to the clinic every day for 10 days. To accurately diagnose you, you need to contact the clinic, a record by phone (499) 265-75-83, we do not leave for the house.

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