Leg edema after an operation on the lower leg

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

Hello, I had a pain in my right legwhen walking, when I lie or sit, the pain ceases, even when I just stop when walking, it hurts less. On April 30, I swelled the lower leg of my right leg, and on May 1 two small bruises appeared on my hip, I began to limp, the pain was growing every day. I recently had an operation on the spine, a discectomy, there was a relapse, two weeks was bed rest. Today is the day off in the hospital, so I phoned the medical assistant, she, after listening to me, recommended on Monday to go to my treating neurologist, since I was still on the hospital after the operation, and said that I may have problems with blood vessels, but we have in the hospital no phlebologist, tell me, please, what disease my symptoms are like, and if it really looks like a vascular problem, then to which doctor should I go instead of phlebologist? Still, perhaps, I will write that the paramedic asked me what kind of ESR I had at discharge, perhaps this is important, so I'll write to you, the ESR is 31. I'm sorry, maybe some questions seem incorrect, but I live in the village and hospital I get for 220 km, so I wanted to know which doctors need to get to the reception, if I do not take coupons for reception until 8.00 am, then I will not be able to see a doctor again.

Татьяна, 36 years old

ESR does not matter. In your situation, once there was swelling of the legs, it is necessary to urgently exclude deep vein thrombosis. To do this, do not need a phlebologist, contact any doctor internally. Suspicion of thrombosis can be confirmed or denied with the help of the simplest ultrasound, which is now available in many institutions.

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

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