Edema of the feet causes diabetes treatment

To prevent the leg edema from disturbing you,It is necessary to take your health seriously and listen to every doctor's order. Otherwise, unpleasant consequences and significant complications are inevitable. Especially if you have diabetes, then it often occurs swelling of the legs!

Treatment of edema in diabetes

The right treatment for edema with diabetes anddiet along with health-improving activities can eliminate such complications as swelling of the legs. In many cases, various complications of diabetes can manifest themselves a few years after the illness. Therefore, it is not necessary to start the disease and its treatment, it is necessary to follow the doctor's advice from the first day of illness. This will help prevent the insidious disease from spreading.

Edema of the feet with diabetes depends on the qualitysupply of blood and nervous regulation. Deterioration that occurs with diabetes is associated with a "disease" of either the nervous or the vascular system, or both. The third factor, which can worsen the situation with swelling of the legs, is the infection. These pillars are based on the development of this syndrome, which has a huge clinical significance. This syndrome causes amputation of the lower extremities in 70% of situations. About 80% of patients have diabetic foot syndrome. Judge for yourself, 12 thousand amputations a year - a weighty figure.

We found out that the diabetic foot syndrome can develop in the case of:

  • damage to the arteries of the legs;
  • Neuropathy;
  • connect infection.

Starting from the prevailing influencea certain mechanism of pathogenesis, the diabetic foot syndrome is divided into two groups: ischemic and neuropathic. Infection often plays an aggravating role. In addition, doctors also identified a third group, which is mixed, - neuro-ischemic.

Causes of edema in diabetes

What is the reason for the swelling of the legs? The causes of edema in diabetes vary, but the main ones are:

Nephrotic syndrome, on the basis of which complications of the disease in the form of foot edema begin to develop. More often than not, they appear because of the long developing diabetes mellitus;

Damage to the walls of blood vessels of the circulatory systemwith this disease is also able to cause swelling of the extremities. Vascular plaques interfere with the normal passage of blood, worsening the access of blood to the extremities. Deteriorating blood circulation can cause irreparable trouble - gangrene and leg amputation.