Edema after a tattoo on the leg

Healing and care of the tattoo

It should be remembered that professionally madeThe tattoo does not pose a health hazard and, accordingly, does not cause any complications. After the master has finished his part of the work, an equally important function of fixing and storing the done is assigned to the customer himself. This is understandable, because it depends on the healing process, how long and well the work will look. As a rule, each master has his own tattoo care recipe. However, the general precepts of a beginning "tattooed" are simple and accessible.
Bandage imposed by the master after applicationtattoos, should last from 3 to 12 hours, depending on the nature of the work. For a while, the skin around the picture may slightly lighten up and remain red. A normal phenomenon, if the first time will be allocated a saccharum. The main thing is to prevent dirt and infection. After the expiration of the period set by the master, remove the bandage, clean the tattoo with miramistin or warm water and soap with clean hands, then dry thoroughly (do not wipe, but get wet). Remember, you can not apply alcohol solutions to a fresh drawing, as this can disrupt the healing process. Then it is necessary to apply a thin layer of recommended ointment (for example, "Bepanten" or "Panthenol").

During the healing of a tattoo, it should not bescratch, scrape, pick. Tanning during the recovery period is strictly prohibited. Baths, saunas, baths, swimming in the pool, solariums - from all these joys for the time of skin regeneration should be refrained. It should be remembered that the tattoos fade from direct sunlight: having sunk with a fresh tattoo, you will notice that it will fade into several tones.
Be sure to avoid getting dirt, howeversticking or bandaging the tattoo is impossible. It is recommended to wear loose clothing, preferably not silk or synthetic so as to avoid possible allergic reactions. Do not expose yourself to heavy physical exertion or conduct sports training for the first 3 days; and also it is necessary to exclude the use of alcohol during this time.
The first week the tattoo looks loose andslightly swollen. It should not be frightened - after the detachment of the first layer on the surface of the picture there remains a white scaly trace, which will also come off. Usually the healing period is about five days, depending on the characteristics of the body and the pattern

10 days after the termination of work it is not forbidden to apply all usual means of care of a skin (skraby, peelings).
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One of the examples of care for a tattoo from master Ivan Bukharov:
It is clear that everyone has their own methods, sometimes even protivorichivye. Let's share them.

"I give this instruction to my clients:
1 day

• Remove the protection after three to four hours. Clean hands, warm water and soap, wash the tattoo (do not rub with a washcloth). Thoroughly dry the tattoo (do not wipe, but get wet).

• Wash and dry the tattoo before going to bed.

Do not smear with cream on the first day!

• In the morning wash with soap, carefully dry and anoint with cream "Pantenol-ratiofarm"

• Before going to bed, do the same (wash, dry, anoint with cream)

3 day and further (within a week) the tattoo needs to be washed and smeared 3-4 times a day.

It is recommended to wear clean, spacious clothes.

It is forbidden:
• Wet the tattoo (not to be confused with the washing indicated above), as well as bathing in open reservoirs during the entire healing period.
• Avoid getting dirt. But you can not glue or tape the tattoo
• If sores are formed - do not stitch! Let the crusts crawl by yourself. Do not scratch!

• Do not steam out a tattoo! Within two or three weeks, exclude baths, saunas, hot tubs.

• Do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight for the first two to three weeks.
• It is not recommended to sunbathe the first year.