Remove leg edema with lymphoma

When the hernia of the spine is formed protrusion of the disc, which the intervertebral hernia causes unbearable pain, numbness of the legs. With this diagnosis, it is possible to do without surgery and how to relieve pain in the leg?

The human spine consists of vertebrae, betweenwhich hernia can give in the leg (a hernia in the lumbar spine) or an arm (a hernia in the cervical spine). The cause of such complications with herniated intervertebral discs can be How to relieve the pain before taking a doctor? "feet" (foot) "tear", numbness in the toes, I can not feel my leg, my leg. there is inflammation and swelling of surrounding tissues. Usually, with herniated discs in the cervical spine, conservative therapy is most often used. which can not be medically removed within 4-8 weeks.

Consultation on the topic - Numbness of the foot with a hernia -Irina Nikolaevna, hernia does not heal. removes inflammation and swelling, hence the pain decreases. due to the reduction of puffiness, relaxation of small ligaments of the spine.

The resulting hernia of the spine,protruding back and away, presses on the canal and causes inflammation accompanied by swelling. pain and weakness in one of the legs, sometimes with loss of sensitivity to