Moderate periventricular edema in the newborn

Have made US (NSG) to the son (1,5 months) the Conclusionabout this - ".. signs of periventricular venous ischemic edema.Preferably in the frontal and occipital areas .." Tell me please, what are the causes of this and how is it eliminated? And what harm can the child's body do? Thank you in advance!

Hello. The data obtained are simply results, and the results of the studies without the data of the clinical examination are of little informative. Clinical symptoms allow to assess the impact of these changes on the development of the child and draw the appropriate conclusions on adequate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

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Hello. To the child of 7 months, 2.5 months ago began to distort. Sometimes it is connected with going to the toilet, sometimes not. Twitches every day 2-4 times for the whole day. Neurologists do not say anything. Video small was able to shoot, we changed three neurologists. We do not know who to go to anymore. Birth is urgent, exactly 40 weeks. A long period of exertion, stimulation with oxytocin. She was born on 6/8. I did not scream at once. They carried it to the ditch under oxygen. Cephalohematoma large left parietal region.

Good afternoon! Is it possible to combine such medications. 1. Milgama. Antistax3 Cavinton forte. Polyoxidonium in ampoules

Good afternoon! My name is Oleg, I'm 29 years old, I'm worried for a long time (several years), pressing compressive pulling pains in the left part of my head, my head hurts almost every day, sometimes I can not do without ibuprofen or ketonal. The pain spreads in the temple, eyebrows, near the eye, the cheekbone, the maxillary sinus, the left upper part of the neck (occiput), periodically gives into the teeth. The left apple is harder to the touch than the right one. Also every few months for 10-15 minutes there is a narrowing.

Hello, Doctor! My name is Arseny. There was an attack of epilepsy, lasting no more than two minutes, this simtomatiku acquired 2 years ago against a background of prolonged use of alcohol, although before this was categorically the enemy and not when not using, because professionally engaged in weightlifting, I am a master of sports of international class. To use became in connection with the difficult period in private life. The first attack occurred on July 24, 2014, the day, but it did not stop me.

Hello. Help me please. I am ill with the episindrom, which arose in the course of an operation to remove the meningioma of the right frontotemporal area (03.2014), a scar was formed, which is the cause of attacks (doctors explained so). After 9 months after the operation, seizures began, and finlexin retard 200 mg. 2 rd for 7 months. Seizures 1 time per month without loss of consciousness, during 1-2 min. Sudorgi the right side of the face, tongue twitching, breathing is difficult. Through side effect I'm on.

Recently there was a repeated chmt after which the doctor advised to make mrt in the conclusion have written Lateroventriculoassimetry in childhood was a syndrome. Does it bother or is it normal after chmt

The body trembles all the time, hands, feet, even the hair shake, it's been 6-7 years with me, thought neurosis, is it a Parkinson's disease?

16 06 16 was diagnosed "shinglesHerpes simplex regimen Acyclovir 400 mg / 5 times a day for 7 days Although not all the symptoms of this disease were detected, there were no pains in the areas of the rash. After the admission, and today the 8th day, disorientation appeared light, inhibited, unclear consciousness, with what it can be connected? -necessary reception (although it took like a schedule, carefully reading the instr.) - can it be another disease? (I read a lot in the internet) tell me what to do,? age 36 years old

Hello, most recently, there may be a week 3back injured the right side of the head (fell). 3 days later, the ear began to ring, but there was pressure and passed after receiving enalapril. for about another 5 days my right eye began to see darker and not clearly (I turned to the oculist and checked my eyesight on various devices and measured eye pressure, I see everything as normal at 100%) they sent me to a neurologist, she did not really ask anything about prescribed tablets aminalon 3 tablets a day, even the dosage is not.

hello to me 22 years.I have a throbbing noise in my ears, already like two months. When I suddenly get up the noise increases, then gradually decreases. Especially pulsating at night when I go to bed. What is it can be and how is it treated? Thank you.

Good afternoon! I am 31 years old. In principle, I consider myself a healthy person. There have never been any serious problems. But periodically there is a reduced pressure - in principle, in itself, I do not have a very high-at the lower border of the norm in good condition. During pregnancy, this low blood pressure tormented the entire first trimester. But now the children are already 3 years old. Suddenly the head began to feel dizzy last night. When I went to bed, closed my eyes, everything was spinning around. I could not do it normally.

Hello.I was stabbed in vegetables and now, like 1.5 years old, I can not come to my senses! The following symptoms: A feeling of contraction, compression, heaviness and constriction in the head, an unclear consciousness, a heavy indistinct head. Stress and constant fatigue in the head. This, the so-called "helmet" keeps constantly. Often there are painful sensations of compression in the head like pain, you can not say that the head hurts but the sensations are painful. The pains are very rare Every two weeks or once a month happens.

Good afternoon. At me such problem, memory worsens and it was heavily concentrated. When writing work for the university takes a very long time, I often get distracted. I do everything but not what I need. Although I'm good at math sometimes I can not solve simple problems in my head right up to the multiplication table. Often I make mistakes in not attentiveness. With what can be connected?

Good day. I have intracranial pressure. Can I drink alcohol in small quantities, about one glass?

By the evening some problems withcoordination, like everything is in order, but in some seconds I lose control. How to pull something. It became a habit to take deep breaths in these moments, and it is not so easy to get. Sometimes it binds the heart, especially during breathing. The pressure is normal at this point. Heart checked a year ago, too. After stress all this is intensified and physical exertion too. At the same time, stress is very rare. It helps only lay lying down. I drink panangin.