Swelling of the legs in pregnant women

Swelling in pregnant women and how to deal with them

Most often, edema in pregnant women appear inthe second half of pregnancy, this is due to the pressure of the uterus on the pelvic vein. And if there is an excess of water, it accumulates in the swelling. When the pregnant woman swells around her legs, she notices it herself, it is more difficult to wear habitual shoes and legs seem thicker. Swelling of the hands of pregnant women is also common. If it became impossible to remove a ring from your finger - you are dealing with them.

Swelling in pregnant women there are four stages:

  • Swelling of the feet (feet, legs).
  • Swelling of the lower part of the trunk.
  • Attachment of edema of hands in pregnant women, as well as face.
  • General swelling.


When is it necessary to "sound an alarm"?

To a certain extent, swelling in pregnant women,the reasons for which we found out are the norm. But it can also be a sign of complications of pregnancy. If, in addition to edema, a protein is found in urine, and high blood pressure is also observed - this indicates gestosis. The emergence of this complication requires constant monitoring of the doctor, since the fourth degree of gestosis can cause "aging" of the placenta and suffocation of the baby.

Everyone is interested in the question: how to get pregnant from swelling. First you need to find out if there is swelling.

Press your finger on the skin, if there isa trace of pressure is an edema, but if the skin quickly returned to normal - everything is in order. A pregnant woman is more likely to drink, and this is normal in her position, as the body's needs for fluids have increased. Therefore, the swelling of the legs in pregnant women by the evening is quite a natural phenomenon. Such swelling occurs in the morning, when the future mother will have a good rest.

But if fingers start to swell, and edema onlegs are observed around the clock, there is a "puffiness" of the face, you need to ask yourself: how to remove swelling in pregnant women, since it is possible to develop gestosis.

Treatment of edema in pregnant women

With the problem of the appearance of edema, the pregnant woman shouldimmediately consult a doctor who watches her. Since swelling, especially those that appeared in the early stages of pregnancy, may indicate the presence of some latent disease.

It happens that it is pregnancy that helps"Expose" this disease in view of the appearance of an additional burden on the suffering organ. Such a situation will require careful examination, especially of organs such as the heart and kidneys. In addition, the problem may be related to the presence of varicose veins. In any case, you should not keep silent about swelling, you need to inform the doctor who will make the decision, how to relieve swelling in a pregnant woman .

How to get rid of edema?

  • We need to move more.
  • Rest with raised legs.
  • Do self-massage, you can use to massage your feet with a loofah.
  • Showing salt baths in warm water.
  • Drink a lot (3l / day), you will not get rid of swelling, limiting the intake of liquid, because, lacking it, the body begins to accumulate fluid.
  • Do not just lie and sit, do exercises, exercise, shown to pregnant women.
  • Less salt for food, remove from the dietspices, smoked products, as well as foods rich in sodium, for example, salted nuts, olives. Less sweets and soda, they slow down the process of removing the liquid.
  • Avoid arriving in the heat and in a stuffy place.
  • Use special gels and balms from swelling.

And remember, your health is directly affectedon the health of your baby, so carefully follow the recommendations of your doctor, perform the proposed measures to prevent edema, eat properly, walk more and get positive emotions!