Foot edema is the cause of oncology

Lymphostasis of the feet or otherwise calledLymphatic edema today is found in 10% of all people on earth. This disease is characterized by a delay in lymph in the tissues, as well as a violation of lymph circulation. Developing lymphostasis of lower extremities in oncology before the appearance of elephantia and in the futureleads the patient to disability. With lymphostasis, there is a violation of the outflow of lymph. Because of this, the legs swell, which causes complications. As a rule, such a condition arises after surgical interventions remove damaged lymph nodes that help the outflow of fluid from the lower limbs. Doctors oncologists advise using compression knitwear. In addition, it is useful to use a special anti-edema therapy, but this can only be done if there is no active oncoprocess. The best option would be to contact a doctor with a lymphologist who can carry out the necessary examination, take blood test for oncology and establish an effective treatment.

Degrees of lymphostasis of lower extremities

On the first degree, which is calledlymphodermitis, an incurable disease occurs. It is able to affect the lymphatic system and, after this, all other systems of the human body are affected. In this case, the waste of cellular metabolism is collected in the intercellular space. The patient has swelling of the ankle, as well as the toes. However, this process takes place without significant pain or it is almost non-existent and after a person has rested a bit, everything goes away.

The second degree of development lymphostasis of lower extremities in oncology Is a fibrodermite. With this disease, there is edema, which does not go away. In addition, the skin stretches so much that it is not possible to make the slightest fold, because of this there is a feeling of pain, especially when pressure occurs.

At the third degree, the so-calledelephantiasis, and edema can not be removed. The patient's leg is deformed and enlarged. In the event that this disease is started, but warts can appear, the stratum corneum of the epidermis increases, and spots appear. With such a disease, the patient is given a disability, due to the fact that it is not possible to move normally and flex the joints.

Causes of lower limb lymphostasis

Lymphostasis of the legs may appear with cardiac orkidney pathology. In addition, such a disease can appear due to the fact that there is insufficient development of the lymphatic system, which leads in the future to obstruction of the capillaries, which are responsible for the outflow of excess tissue fluid. There is a squeezing of the vessels.

In the event that lymphostasis isacquired by the disease, it can occur in the presence of venous insufficiency, which occurs along with decompensated varicose veins. The cause of this is an expansion of the vessels that drain the lymph fluid. More details about the causes of foot lymphostasis you can read here.

Lymphostasis is observed most often in women, but this disease affects all people regardless of age. The stagnation of lymph in young girls manifests itself closer to the night, in the absence of any reasons.
Limbiosis of the legs makes the body weak, and vulnerable toany kind of infections. In this case there is a danger of erysipelas. The disease can be recognized by such signs as short-term chills or fever, an increase in the patient's body temperature can rise to 39 ° C. The pain is accompanied by tingling and redness of the skin.

If you find the disease, you need toyou can call the leading specialists earlier. Remember that the last stage of lymphostasis of the lower extremities can not be treated surgically, medical methods are needed. At the initial stages this disease is curable, the main thing is to get to the doctor on time.

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