Leg edema and fluid secretion

My mother is 75 years old. She has thrombi on her legs and a sick heart. In recent months, the legs are swelling and the fluid begins to ooze out. Treatment appointed by a district therapist does not help, the cardiologist also spreads his hands.
They provide such treatment in your center with a minimum of visits, because it's very hard for Mom to leave the apartment (4th floor without elevator).

To start, you need to install the correctdiagnosis. Most likely it is not a question of the consequences of thrombosis, but of lymphostasis and lymphorrhea. If there is lymph drainage, from the trophic area on the legs, if the patient's condition is severe, in view of the cardiac pathology, then you need to seek the hospitalization of such a severe patient in the hospital. You should realize that all these processes of lymphorrhoea on the background of edema, heart failure can lead to serious problems. On this, seek hospitalization.

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