Edema of the foot after radiotherapy

What to do after radiation therapy for cancer patients for

- improving your health,

- prevention of complications after radiation therapy?

After radiation therapy, radiation sickness develops. manifestations of which vary individually - depending on the radiation load. Cells not only oncologic, but also healthy tissues are affected after exposure to free radicals formed during radioactive irradiation.

With radiation sick all faceoncological patients after a course of radiotherapy (radiotherapy). In many types of cancer, radiotherapy (radiotherapy) is prescribed in combination with chemotherapy. These two types of conservative therapy, in addition to their direct purpose, have an extremely strong depressing effect on all vital functions of the body.

Early and delayed painful manifestationsradiation sickness after radiotherapy (nausea, pain, edema, vomiting, temperature, intoxication, cancer) are caused by the destructive effect on active young cells of the organism of ionizing radiation. Affected cells of the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, immune system, nervous tissue, genital organs.

Radiation sickness is multistage, each subsequentthe stage of the disease is characterized by an increase in symptoms and worsening of the patient's condition. If at the first stage of radiation sickness the patient is disturbed by general weakness and dyspeptic phenomena, then further development of the disease leads to a pronounced weakening (asthenization) of the organism and suppression of bone marrow functions, immunity, and neuroendocrinal regulation.

To facilitate the patient's condition with general intoxication, it is extremely important to apply the methods of complex rehabilitation and rehabilitation, including phyto-health.

Include phytosets in prevention andcorrection of complications of radiation sickness. This will alleviate the suffering of the patient and improve the effectiveness of treatment (prevention of bleeding, immunodeficiency, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders).

Individual schemes of phytotherapy with the use of plants with anti-radiation, protective effect allow the weakened organism to compensate for the violation of functions.

The multi-faceted composition of phytospores that containup to several hundred biologically active substances, support the patient's body at all stages of radiation sickness, during and after radiotherapy. It is necessary to select a phyto-therapy scheme depending on the stage of the process.

Carrying out quality phytotherapy, i.e. with the participation of a specialist - phytotherapeutist, you will significantly improve the well-being of the suffering person.

This means that with concomitant phytotherapySome of the symptoms of radiation sickness, such as fever, weakness, radiation burns, dyspepsia, edema, pain after irradiation, general intoxication will be minimal.

Such a conscious approach to rehabilitation and recovery after radiation therapy significantly increases the chances of recovery and the success of general therapy.

You will be provided with qualified assistance in our phytocain. Our specialists have the necessary skills and extensive experience to support oncological patients.