Coma with edema of the brain

Actions for first aid:
  • Provide patient rest and bed rest.
  • Free the patient from the outer clothing.
  • Ensure a fresh air supply.
  • Free your mouth from vomit (with repeated vomiting turn your head to one side and remove vomit from your mouth).
  • With cramps, gently hold the head and limbs.
General information:
  • Coma with edema of the brain develops as a result of increased intracranial pressure in cases of a tumor or brain injury, poisoning, etc.
  • The patient is in a state of drowsiness, his orientation in the surrounding space is disturbed, communication with others is difficult.
  • The condition can gradually worsen, down to loss of consciousness due to compression of the brain.
  • There may be convulsions, respiratory disorders and weakening of cardiovascular activity.
Further actions:
  • Call an ambulance (tel. 03) for hospitalization of the patient in a hospital of the appropriate profile.

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