Mineral water with swelling of the feet

During pregnancy, the expectant mother should take special care of her nutrition, since absolutely everything eaten and drunk by a future mother affects the development of the baby.

Is it possible to drink mineral water for pregnant women?

Mineralca during pregnancy causes a lot of controversy among future mothers in the Internet. It is necessary first to understand what mineral water is, in order to resolve this dispute.

So, the mineral water is divided into a dining room,Treatment and cure and treatment according to the principle of the content of salts in it. The dining room is water with a content of 1-5 grams of salt, balanced and neutral (that is, it is not acidic or alkaline and does not change the secretion of the stomach). Therapeutic-canteen is called mineral water with the content of salts up to 10 g (here there is already a division into acidic and alkaline mineral water - they have different effects on gastric secretion). Therapeutic mineral water contains more than 10 g of salts and is clearly divided into acidic and alkaline mineral waters by cation-anionic composition.

Mineral water for pregnant women

Mineral water during pregnancy shouldbe selected in accordance with the needs of the woman's body and the presence of concomitant diseases. Therapeutic mineral waters (Borjomi, Essentuki, Magnum) should be drunk only as prescribed by the doctor. The unauthorized use of such waters can harm the body and promote the formation of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder. In hot weather, give preference to medicinal-table water, at other times of the year - the dining room.

Carbonated mineral water in pregnancyis categorically contraindicated, as it causes flatulence, heartburn and increased toxicosis. During pregnancy, you should discard any carbonated and non-natural drinks.

Outcome: Whether it is possible for pregnant women mineral water - yes, it is possible and necessary. But use it should be moderate, so as not to cause edema, and with the mind - preferably after consulting a doctor. And, preferably, non-carbonated - it less irritates the walls of the stomach.