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In addition to stockings and tights designed forhealthy women, modern industry produces special compression stockings used for the prevention and treatment of a number of leg diseases. Compression stockings in diseases of the feet help to reverse the swelling of the lower extremities. This effect is achieved due to pressure on the surface of the skin and tissue, which leads to outflow of blood and lymph.

The size of the compression stockingspressure is determined by the physical factors and properties of the material from which they are made. Pressure can be of two kinds: rest pressure and operating pressure.

The rest pressure is the pressure that the stockings exert on the tissues and vessels with the relaxed muscles of the legs. Under the working pressure is meant the pressure exerted by the working muscles on the stocking.

Compression stockings with leg diseases. A characteristic feature of compression stockings is a high degree of their elasticity: they can stretch both in length and width, without limiting the natural mobility of the muscles of the legs. This quality is determined by the properties or rubber threads woven in parallel rows. In addition, in the manufacture of compression stockings, polyamide or cotton yarns are used, fastened in the form of loops.

Each of these materials hascertain merits. So, a very strong fiber, not subject to destruction, even when exposed to chemicals and also has a high elasticity. Natural rubber is an elastic material, repellent oil and fat. Polyamide prevents shrinkage of the product during washing, it perfectly passes air. Cotton absorbs moisture well, has great strength and ensures skin breathing.

Due to the introduction of fiber into the stockingappearance, they almost do not differ from ordinary opaque stockings. They are breathable, absorb moisture well, do not irritate the skin of the legs and do not cause allergic reactions, and are also comfortable to wear and durable enough, because they retain their shape and healing properties when reused.

Perhaps, among the drawbacks of such stockings can beto name only one - the difficulty of putting on. But to cope with this will help daily workouts, as well as special adaptations, which can be purchased with stockings.

At present, compression stockings of two kinds are used in medicine.

1) Stockings from knitted fabrics are madewithout a seam and knit round, so that it turns out as if one big row. Not surprisingly, the number of loops in it is much longer than the length of the stocking. The compression effect in this case is created due to the different pressure of the thread in different parts of the limbs.

Stockings made of knitted garments may bevery thin. For the treatment of lymphatic edema, they are used only occasionally. It is recommended to wash such stockings at a temperature of 40 ° C in a washing machine and dry in the same place.

2) Compression stockings of knitted fabrics do not knitin a circle, but in a planar direction, which follows from the name. In the direction from the ankle to the thigh, the number of loops gradually increases, which makes it possible to produce such stockings to order by individual measures.

Stockings made of knitwear are thicker than stockings made of knitted garments, so they wear much longer. The presence of large pores provides good air permeability.

Stockings of knitwear should be washed at a temperature of no more than 30 ° C by hand or in a washing machine. To dry them it is necessary on air, having protected from influence of direct solar beams.

Depending on the pressure of the stocking, four classes of compression are distinguished:

1) 1st class - with a pressure of 18 to 21 mm above the ankle area;

2) 2nd class - from 25 to 35 mm;

3) 3rd class - from 36 to 46 mm;

4) 4th class - from 59 mm and above.

The choice of stocking and compression class depends on the severity and location of the edema, the age of the patient and the presence of concomitant diseases.

Stockings with compression of the 1st class for treatmentlymphatic edema is not used. Stockings with compression of the second class from round knitted or knitwear are recommended to be worn at the stage of remission after intensive medication treatment of the disease in order to consolidate the achieved results. Compression of the second class is effective only with not pronounced swelling (in the I stage of the disease).

With lymphatic edema of stage II, when there is a characteristic elasticity and hardness of tissues, it is necessary to wear stockings with compression of the 3rd class, made of knitwear.

In the elephant stage it is recommended to wear a stocking with compression of the 4th class. Often in this case, two pairs of stockings are worn at once, one on top of the other.

Before you order a compression stocking, be sure to take measurements. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved, and stagnant phenomena will not decrease.

Knitted in the flat direction stockings 550 are available in all sizes in all possible variants. If desired, you can choose a stocking of corporal or black color.

For the treatment of severe forms of edemaspecial compression tights. Keep in mind that in cases of serious violations of the arterial blood circulation of the limbs, heart failure, septic phlebitis, dermatoses, chronic polyarthritis, allergic reaction, lack of sensitivity and limbs in diabetes mellitus, the wearing of compression stockings and tights is contraindicated.