Sea salt with edema of the feet

Today I want to talk about the application of marinesalts for the feet. Our legs need care at any time of the year. A bath with sea salt has a wide range of positive effects. Warm baths with sea salt perfectly relieve fatigue in the legs, and cool baths - perfectly toned. But, use sea salt not only for trays, but for baths. Many people like a bath with sea salt, in which you can add even essential oil.

After taking a bath or bath with sea saltthe mood improves, the skin looks more attractive. Baths with sea salt have a positive effect on the body, and all thanks to the rich composition of sea salt. After all, sea salt contains vitamins and minerals. Even Queen Cleopatra knew about the wonderful properties of sea salt.

Benefits of bath with sea salt.

Sea salt is used in hair care,legs, nails, as well as for the treatment of many diseases, since sea salt contains useful substances that contribute to the normal functioning of the body. More details about the treatment with sea salt can be found in the article "Treatment with sea salt".

  • Sea salt helps to make skin, hair, nails healthy.
  • Sea salt strengthens the immune system and the nervous system.
  • Baths with sea salt have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • Helps to maintain beauty and health.
  • Sea salt helps improve the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Sea salt has a positive effect on respiratory diseases.
  • The bath with sea salt helps to reduce muscular tension.

Sea salt contains iodine, zinc, silicon iron, magnesium, calcium. This composition helps to restore metabolic processes in the body.

On average, one standard bath should take 0.2-0.5 kg of sea salt and take 1-3 times a week for 10-20 minutes. The water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.

The effect of a bath with sea salt will increase several times if you add herbs to the bath, essential oils, such as lavender oil, geraniums, juniper.

Baths with sea salt have contraindications. Baths with sea salt can not be taken whenpregnancy, and critical days for women. To take salt baths is not necessary for: diabetes, skin diseases of purulent and fungal origin, as well as with malignant and benign tumors, infectious diseases.

Baths with sea salt are very useful, the main thing to get acquainted with contraindications, so as not to harm your body.

Sea salt for feet.

During the day our legs are subjected to stress. We have to walk, stand. In the legs may appear painful sensations. In order to avoid this, it is best to wear comfortable shoes, change socks and pantyhose every day. After all, the health of the feet depends on ourselves.

  • Foot baths with sea salt improve the circulation of the legs and improve the flow of blood to the feet.
  • Sea salt reduces the secretion of sweat.
  • Also reduces skin irritation.
  • Relieve tension and tired legs.
  • Sea salt prevents the formation of edema of the feet.
  • In addition, sea salt helps to get rid of the unpleasant odor of the feet.

Why is it better to use sea salt, rather than conventional? It's all about the presence of trace elements found in sea salt. Sea salt has a therapeutic effect on the entire body.

Salt trays can be used not only forlegs, but also for nails, as sea salt perfectly strengthens the nail plate. Prescriptions of the baths that help to strengthen the nails and information on how useful sea salt for hands and nails can be found in the article "Sea salt for nails."

Foot baths with sea salt.

Sea salt for baths must be dissolved inhot water. A little later, add cold water and lower your legs in a bath with sea salt. Keep the feet for about 10-15 minutes. The legs should be kept on the ankle.

A simple recipe for foot baths with sea salt, which requires only 2 liters of warm water and 200 grams of sea salt.

We lower the legs into the bath for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the salt off your feet, wipe your feet dry and apply a nourishing cream on the skin of the feet and heels. This will prevent drying of the skin of feet and heels.

  1. But, before the legs are lowered into the bath with sea salt, the feet must be washed with soap.
  2. Legs after a warm bath with sea salt must be rinsed with cool water.
  3. Wipe dry after the foot bath.
  4. After the salt foot bath, you need to lubricate your feet with a nutritious cream. Do not forget also about the knees.

Bath with tired legs. When tired feet help contrast bathfor legs. To do this, you need to prepare two pelvises with water, one needs to pour hot water in degrees 40-45 degrees, and in the second - cool degrees 20. Then sit on a chair and lower your legs alternately for 20 seconds in a basin with hot and cold water. We repeat this all 7-8 times.

After a bath or a bath with sea salt,there is a feeling of lightness and relaxation. After a hard day, this is a great way to relieve fatigue. If desired, a drop of essential oil can be added to the bath with sea salt. Moreover, sea salt is an excellent emulsifier for dissolving essential oils in water.

The effect and simplicity of the salt baths is thatbaths help to reduce sweating of feet, clear the skin of dust, dirt, destroy pathogenic microbes, including fungal infections. In addition to the salt bath you can try a soda bath, which perfectly softens the skin of the feet and heels, prevents the appearance of fungal infections, cleanses the skin. How to make a bath with soda than a soda foot bath is useful in the article "Soda for Heels". A cheap and effective way to bring your heels and feet in order.

Strengthen the blood vessels on your feetbath with a lime color. Instead of regular water, use a lime infusion. On a liter of boiling water you need to take four spoons of lime color, insist, drain. Pour the lime infusion into the pelvis and add sea salt.

Hot salt trays help get rid of corns and calluses. Minerals that are contained in salt act on nails, skin, joints, muscle tissue.

Contraindicated salt baths with inflammation on the skin, with wound, cracks, with skin burns. Since the salt baths can further injure the damaged skin.

Cool baths help to relieve fatigue, and warm - perfectly soothe, they can be taken before bedtime.