Bdiaga from edema of the feet

• an auxiliary tool with bruises, abrasions, for rapid removal of swelling, inflammation, bruising.

COMPOSITION. The basis of gel-balm "Bodyaga" is a balanced complex of extracts and essential oils that contains biologically active substances that act in combination with methyl salicylate with strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, assist in the removal of edema, bruising and bruising.

Healing properties of active ingredients:

The bodywoman (Spongilla lacustris L) - a bodyguard (bodyguard)- A freshwater sponge in nature performs the function of a biological water filter. Procurement of bodypages are carried out only in clean water reservoirs, since it has the property of accumulating carcinogens and loses its medicinal properties. The extract of the bodywort has a local-irritant, anti-inflammatory, anti-erosive effect. Since the times of Kievan Rus, the body was used as a wonderful remedy for rapid bruising and bruising.
Arnica mountain (Arnica montana) - unique forthe medicinal plant is widely spread in the Carpathians. The plant is listed in the Red Book. According to its medicinal properties arnica mountain is one of the ten most valuable medicinal plants. Arnica tincture (extract) has been used in folk medicine for many years as one of the best means for trauma accompanied by hemorrhages under the skin (bruises, bruises, abscesses), as well as for the rapid healing of wounds, abscesses, abscesses, muscle pain, joints and sprains ligaments and the like.
Methylsalicylate - quickly penetrates into tissues, has an antiseptic effect, relieves pain, inflammation and swelling, improves micro circulation processes.
Essential oil of tea tree - properties of teatrees have been studied by Australian scientists for the past two decades. Already the first studies allow us to confidently call the essential oil of tea tree "antiseptic of the future". A large number of doctors give an advantage to preparations based on tea tree instead of synthetic analogues. The main properties of the essential oil of the tea tree: antiseptic, healing, bactericidal, antifungal.

Properties of gel-balm:
- a special gel form allows active substances to penetrate quickly and deeply into tissues;
- helps to strengthen and improve the tone of the walls of capillaries and veins, normalizes metabolism in connective tissues;
- helps to eliminate edema and inflammatory processes;
- quickly removes bruises in places of bruises and abrasions;
- owns an analgesic effect.

Indication: it is recommended as an auxiliary for bruises, abrasions, for rapid removal of swelling, inflammation, bruising.
Method of use: A small amount of gel-balm evenly applied to the problem areas of the skin 3-4 times a day.

Ekstrakt ananasa
Doktor czaga
Czepota puszysta (koci pazur)
Inulina PLUS
Zel - Balsam Wenowit
Owsiane otreby
Pszenne otreby
Dziegiec Brzozowy z ginkgobiloba, tatarakiem i wierzba;
Dziegiec Brzozowy z propolisem, rozmarynem, lipa;
Dziegiec brzozowy z wrotyczem pokrzywa i rumiankiem;
Szampon dziegciowy
Mydlo dziegciowe
Zebowy eliksir metowy
Gruszynka jednostronna z olejem lnianym

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