Ointment versus postoperative edema

Posted by Yulka on Mon, 11/14/2011 - 23:18

Many patients who have done rhinoplasty eitherwho have subjected their face to any other plastic surgery (for example, correcting the shape of the cheekbones, increasing the lips or changing the incision of the eyes) face such a problem as postoperative edema.

Postoperative edema is characterized by a swelling of the skin that appears as a reaction to surgical intervention, in which facial features become larger and more rounded.

Very often plastic surgeons, afraid to scare awaypotential customers, promise to them recovery after surgery in a couple of weeks. After this period the patient begins to get nervous, because the final results of the operation are not visible. In fact, the process of reconstructing the altered parts of the face is long enough and the result of the intervention can be assessed only after two to three months, or even six months (as in the case of rhinoplasty).

Postoperative edema can be avoided verya few people, mostly those who can boast perfectly healthy skin. The remaining patients literally fall into postoperative depression. In this case, almost all of them forget that the only cure for edema is time. All sorts of procedures like physiotherapy and the use of so-called folk remedies are evaluated by surgeons extremely ambiguously, because they bring the expected result extremely rarely. The only radical remedy for the fight against edema is hormonal therapy, that is, injecting steroids into the reconstructed area. But at the same time, this method is quite dangerous and unpredictable, so specialists allow patients to resort to it only in exceptional cases.