Redness on the leg after swelling

If you find this problem, you shouldimmediately call a doctor, this may indicate a serious illness. Determine the correct diagnosis and appoint the right treatment can only a qualified specialist. But not only about redness on the legs, we'll talk about this article, also you will know what causes the redness of the skin of the hands.

Causes of redness of the skin on the legs

If you are doing sports, then manifestationstretchings of the tibia are redness and swelling of the anterior part of the tibia. This damage is quite painful and is accompanied by reddening of the skin. By and large, any injuries and leg injuries are accompanied by redness of the skin of the extremities. Of course, this is accompanied by bruises, pain, cracks and scratches.

Another disease that can cause swellingand redness of the skin on the legs is a vein thrombosis. Thrombosis on the legs is the blood clots of the deep veins of the lower extremities. The causes of this disease are small human mobility, obesity, pregnancy and leg injuries. In this case, you can not do without medical assistance.

The appearance of cellulite on the lower leg, alsocharacterized by redness. Inflammation of lymph nodes in the human body leads to their swelling and redness. In such cases, antibiotics are usually prescribed.

This disease is widespread,associated with redness of the skin, like phlebitis. It is an inflammation of the vein on the leg. It is accompanied by pain, swelling and fever in the legs. Causes of phlebitis: complications after transfusion with a dropper. Treatment of skin reddening includes compresses and anti-inflammatory drugs.

What diseases cause redness of the skin on the legs?

Redness on the legs may be accompanied by a rash. The causes of the rash may be:

Dermatitis, scabies and lichen are contagiousdiseases and are transmitted by contact with the skin of an infected person. Psoriasis manifests as red rashes on the skin, as a result of nervous shocks and as a consequence of a weak immune system. Precisely and concretely determine the diagnosis of the disease can only be a qualified doctor. Symptoms of many diseases are similar and therefore they are easily confused when relying on the diagnosis of redness on the legs. Self-medication can worsen the situation, as diseases can be confused.

Effect of temperature on redness of the skin

Do not forget about the effect of temperature on ourskin. Excessively high or low temperatures lead to redness of the skin. Some people are allergic to low temperatures. In winter, warm clothes should be worn, pantyhose should be worn under pants to prevent the legs from freezing.

Our hands are our hard workers, they are like our working tools. But they are also defenseless under the influence of the environment. Often, redness is a consequence of a reaction to something.

Many people are prone to allergies, and its manifestationIt washes redness and itching of the skin. Causes of allergies on the hands can be various foods, chemical components of various drugs or medicines. To determine the irritant of the allergy, which caused reddening of the skin, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the body after eating or some means. If there is a reaction, this product should be avoided. You can donate blood for analysis, conduct a skin test to determine the irritant. Symptoms of allergies, such as redness of the skin, are temporary. Treatment of allergies is often pumped in the use of creams or ointments for external skin and the use of tablets.

Redness of the skin of the hands can be a manifestationdisease. You should take this problem seriously and seek medical advice. Timely detection of the disease will greatly accelerate the process of recovery. Redness in children of the skin on their hands can talk about a serious infection in the body.

Effect of nutrition on the skin of the hands

Nutrition plays an important role in our life. Improper nutrition improper work of the digestive system, affects our appearance and our health. The use of fatty foods bouncing diet can lead to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. The bowel becomes clogged, and the release of decay products and slags begins to occur through the skin. As a result, we get redness of the hands of the face, neck.

What if I have redness of the skin of my hands?

Redness of the skin on the hands can be a reaction of the body to stress. Getting rid of such spots includes strengthening the nervous system and taking sedatives.

If you own a thin and delicate skin, thenit is necessary to look after it properly. In addition to firming and moisturizing hand creams, do not forget to make various soothing baths. If you do the cleaning or wash the dishes, do not forget to put on your hands protective gloves. This will help prevent redness of the skin.

The cause of redness of the skin on the hands can beviolation of blood circulation or microcirculation. In this case, you need to rub the funds into the skin to strengthen the blood vessels. The drug for hands "Propolis Geyant" is widely known and effective enough. It should be rubbed into the skin with massage movements from the fingertips to the brush.