Nemeth and swelling of the left leg

intervertebral hernia; osteochondrosis;

- Vitamin B12 deficiency;

- unnatural position of the body;

- Oncology next to or inside the spinal cord;

- sometimes - multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, a sharp fright.

As a result of which the left leg is numb

In most cases, numbness of the legs is associated withproblems of the spine. To an increased risk group, one can include people who work in the same place (drivers, bankers, programmers, telephonists). But in general, the numbness of the legs or hands is due to problems with nerves or vessels.

- the left leg or foot (probably, right or both legs or foots) grows dumb;

- a feeling of "vateness" or "heaviness in the legs";

- Increased pain in sitting position, with torso torso, during cough;

- begin to run creepy.

If the unnatural pose is the cause of numbnessany limb, it is necessary to change the pose, rub the skin on the entire surface for a faster recovery of blood circulation. For prevention, accustom yourself to occupying the correct position of the body in a variety of settings. Running in the morning, charging or other physical exercise will help eliminate the jamming of nerve endings and cardinally improve blood circulation in the body. If the left leg is numb for no apparent reason, and this is repeated more and more often, it is best to go to a specialist, so that additional examinations make it possible to reveal hidden diseases. If numbness of the extremities is accompanied by other symptoms, then it is better to call the dispatcher of the "first aid".

Why does the numbness of the toes occur?

This is one of the most common symptoms when the right or left leg is numb.

Disc hernias squeeze the nerve endings,because of which there is a violation of nerve conduction and peripheral circulation. Depending on where the nerve is injured, the numbness of the left-toe or right-hand finger occurs.

Everyone at least once thought aboutthe reasons for which the finger on the left leg or right arm grows numb. Even small children sometimes have a numbness in their fingers, which frightens them and causes trouble. The child can be reassured if rubbed or vigorously stroked the leg. An improvised massage will help restore blood circulation, and numbness will pass.

Such phenomena often occur at the time of deepand a restful sleep. Nemet left leg, when a person presses her body, awkwardly turning it or putting his hand under the pillow. At the same time, the capillaries are squeezed and the blood circulation in small vessels slows down. The sensation of a naughty arm or leg can be replaced by a brief tingling in the fingers, which quickly passes in a healthy person.

Usually people do not attach importance to such phenomena. After all, they usually pass by themselves. But with frequent and prolonged numbness of the fingers and toes, you need to see a doctor. The most disturbing symptom is the lack of skin reaction to temperature changes.