The foot swells after a severe injury

Hello! I fell several times on an ode and the same foot. As a result, after bruising on the right leg, under the knee, a protrusion of soft tissues in the form of a tumor was formed in the upper third of the tibia. Has made the roentgenogram in 2 projections. Conclusion: DOA 1-2 degrees of the right knee joint. The doctor did not write anything else. I want to remove this cosmetic defect. Size: 10.5 X 9.5. Prompt a good plastic clinic in the Far Eastern region and a surgeon who deals with this.

Hello! Two months ago I heavily bruised my leg just above the ankle when I got into the car, a lump was formed, the pain went away, the bruise was gone, and two weeks ago the same foot fell on the rotten bridge, the pain was not so strong, as the first time I began to smear with heparin , but 5 days as the joint itself began to swell, it is almost invisible to the evening, pain in the leg is not only the heaviness in the evening, I impose a tight bandage, indovazin does not help (advised in the pharmacy) the city.

Hello. almost 3 years ago, when I fell, I hit my leg very much lower than the thigh. There was a huge bruise and swelling more than a palm. I used the prescribed ointments and warming bandages but to no avail. the tumor during this time decreased but did not disappear. mes 7 days ago the X-ray showed a small presence of liquid, the surgeon made a cut and the fluid was removed. But after 7 months the tumor makes itself felt-it burns a little, reddening and discomfort. I can not go to the doctor yet-I am abroad.

Hello, dear Leonid Grigorievich! I am 28 years old. 6 weeks ago on football got a strong blow to the legs (the bottom third of the left shin from the side). Have made a roentgen - a fracture is not present, damage of a joint is not present. The diagnosis is a bruised shin. A week could not walk without a stick. then I had to go to work. a couple of weeks lame. During the whole period there were no large swelling, there were no bruises at all. At present, the small swelling is localized exactly at the site of the impact (from the side to the shin), smeared with lyoton.

I'm over the age of 49. 25.07.12 from the table from a height of 1 meter rolled down the leg 7kg. dumbbell, a small bruise formed on the site of the bruise (just above the middle finger). On the 5th day (July 30th, 12th) the leg was swollen, took a picture and showed nothing. The doctor diagnosed a bruise. I prescribed 3 days 3 times a day to drink nemisil and do alcoholic lotions. In the environment my leg swelled even more and reddened. The tumor rose from the toes to the ankle and on the place of the blow (just above the middle finger) there appeared a white tubercle of which.