The legs swelled after chemotherapy

Posted on June 19, 2011 | Author: Victor Ivanovich

Many oncologists distrust plantsadaptogenes excrete from the body side effects of chemotherapy. But there are exceptions. When I was lying in the oncology center after the operation the oncologist's doctor came to our room. he recommended who has already come to life after the operation. go to the pharmacy and buy herbs. to the question of what he replied. yes at least elecampane. Ask the pharmacist Which herbs or doses purify the body of toxins and toxins. I did not expect what the oncologist would say. I drank on the sly without attracting the attention of grass to the toxins that bleed toxins. In the oncological center, all the sick as children. who where heard something is passed to each other very quickly. Here, too, I connected my knowledge and wrote a bunch of herbs. of course they were not in the pharmacy. because manufacturers of pharmacopoeia use raw materials to produce their products that can be sold quickly. And there is very little quality raw material / herbs / in nature. And it is necessary to fill pharmacies from Murmansk to the far east.

And what does an ordinary person know from childhooda familiar daisy and 2 more dozens of herbs from childhood to his acquaintances. My advice to people who have been prescribed chemotherapy at all stages of treatment is to take herbs. It is better and not so painful to endure chemotherapy.
After chemotherapy, you also need to drink herbs. to excrete the poisons accumulated in your body. especially in the liver and kidneys.
Collecting Cleansing consists of burdock roots. nettle leaves. chaga. yarrow, chernobylnik. St. John's Wort. violets. sweet clover. Milk thistle fruit. celandine. immortelle a, sweet clover. mint. rose hips. herbs are alternating.

A collection of Bleeding that consists of 14 herbs.
The course of taking 1-2 weeks before and after chemotherapy.

The fees normalize adaptogenic processes. tone. remove slags. toxins. especially from the kidneys. liver. lungs improves the quality of life of the patient.
Course price 3 months with delivery to your post office 960 rub.

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