Swelling of the legs from kidney medications

Lena Ivanova Enlightened (21268), closed 5 years ago

Yuri Spasennikov The Thinker (7249) 5 years ago

If the diseased kidneys, edema not only in the legs,but also under the eyes + very unpleasant sensations in the loin in the form of acute, dull or aching pain, high blood pressure, with urolithiasis, painful urination is observed, and in general, an in-patient study is necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

Vitaliy Enlightened (22659) 5 years ago

In the beginning, go to the hospital to see a doctor there and they will tell you and not self-medicate

Valeriya Pakhomova The Thinker (6569) 5 years ago

Varicose veins are visible, swelling from the "kidneys" with a largeconsumption of liquids and a small "exhaust" of this liquid itself. Make daily monitoring - measure the liquid to be drunk and outflow. And understand how your kidneys work.

ELIZABETH GAMZHASHVILI Master (1724) 5 years ago

If there is swelling from varicose veins, there will be cramps in the calves of the legs when walking. But the swelling can still be from the heart.