Legs swell and burn what to do

What causes swollen legs? Possible reasons for this may be mass. However, physiologically this condition, as a rule, is caused by muscular insufficiency of the veins walls. Lead to this may be malnutrition, lack of physical activity or simply unsuccessful heredity. The weaker the vein becomes, the worse it functions. Stagnation of blood leads to the fact that the venous system is stretched and the legs swell. Edema can be accompanied by pain and burning sensation. Therefore, the question: "What if the swelling of the legs?" - the first and main answer is to check the circulatory system. Symptoms

If your legs swell, you probably feelitching and burning. Your limbs "burn", the skin looks thinner, the veins are clearly visible, it becomes difficult to move independently. If you do not start treatment on time, simple swelling can cause phlebitis and venous eczema.

What should I do if my legs swell?

In order to find the cause, a number ofmedical examinations. Check for possible flatfoot and lymphatic stasis. Also, the probability of kidney problems should be ruled out. Perhaps you are giving your feet too much load (at work you have to stand all the time or walk a lot). If the ankles do not swell, and the ankles, it makes sense to visit the cardiologist - this symptom may indicate heart failure or other cardiac diseases. The question "what to do if swelling feet" most often worries women, because in most cases they suffer from varicose veins. The disease is quite serious, especially if someone else in the family suffers from it. In this case, you should regularly undergo examinations from a phlebologist - a specialist in veins.

When a doctor is asked, because of what swellslegs, the first thing he advises is to change shoes to a more comfortable one. Stiletto heels remarkably slim the figure and look very sexy, but ruthlessly squeezes the foot and can cause swelling and severe pain at the end of the day. If you want to avoid this, do not abuse the narrow shoes and heels. Pay attention to the assortment of orthopedic shops - there you can find very nice models. For everyday wear, ballet shoes, sneakers or gladiators sandals on a flat sole are perfect.

In the possible causes of swelling, we figured out,now we pass to the main thing - what to do if the legs swell. It is good to wear special compression tights (they can be bought at a pharmacy). Due to the fact that the legs in them are tightly compressed, the circulation of blood increases. Please note that when expanding the veins, it is better to choose pantyhose, not stockings: the second will only create an additional load on the capillaries.

Do not drink too much water, especially at night: this can provoke fluid stagnation. It will also be useful to use diuretics (again, do it better under the supervision of a doctor). Good help with edema cold baths with sea salt (you can just massage your limbs, holding ice cubes in your hands). Watch what you eat: if possible, exclude salt and sugar from the diet, try to stop smoking.