Swollen legs in the plane what to do

Tatyana Profi (640), closed 6 years ago

Elena Berezovskaya Enlightened (24732) 6 years ago

From the stagnation of blood in the venous leg system. The veins do not have muscles that would contract and help drain the blood, so the outflow of blood through the veins from the lower extremities is completely dependent on the muscles of the legs. If you sit for a long time, it is fraught with stagnation of blood and the formation of blood clots. Therefore, for long flights it is recommended to walk around the cabin every 45 minutes, also wear elastic stockings or bandages. If your blood coagulogram is not in order (increased blood viscosity). it is advisable to use heparin or other blood-mediating preparations before the flight, under strict dosage control of the doctor.

rahilya vylgin Profi (815) 6 years ago

sv vs The Thinker (9110) 6 years ago

You can roll up before the flight of the leg with an elastic bandage.

FAIRY Enlightened (23464) 6 years ago

This is due to impaired blood circulationdue to a decrease in atmospheric pressure, to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms it is necessary to give the legs an elevated position, this will improve the outflow of blood from the veins, and the legs will not "whine" during the flight. Good luck!

You need to raise your legs higher, preferably above the seat. and the edema itself is usually associated with impaired vascular function. this problem is solved only on the ground)) be healthy))))