Why do old people sweat around their legs?

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Violation of water-salt metabolism from this swellsmuscles and soft tissues may have kidney problems. Calcium is relatively unimportant. Despite the thick legs, the bones are likely to be more fragile than in youth and in adulthood. Calcium ions work in the cardiovascular system and if it is not enough or it is poorly digested, the heart does not work well, and with age, calcium becomes worse and worse if it does not help, it also swells because the heart and blood vessels are connected directly.

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Consider what is the significance of thick nails onfeet. The reasons for thickening of the nails on the toes may be different. Most often this is due to fungal diseases, bacterial infections and diabetes. Infections and diabetes disrupt blood circulation and weaken the immune system, resulting in the nails becoming thicker, and in some cases even exfoliate and change shape or color. With a strong thickening of the nails, a person can even experience pain when putting on shoes, or while walking.

The meaning of thick nails on the legs. From a psycho-emotional point of view, the toenails symbolize the defense of our thinking activity. Thus, thickening of the nail plates can mean that we need additional protection from the opinions of others who constantly criticize our ideas. In general, any deformation of the nail plates or any other deviation from the norm is a sign that the inner world of man needs protection. To clarify the essence of a specific problem, it is necessary to know in the field of which of the chakras there is a thickening of the nail or its destruction.

Stratification of the nail can be a signal thatin your ideas and thoughts there is a split. A broken nail often indicates that you are just out of your skin, defending your own opinion. Or maybe you are too worried that someone has misappropriated your idea? White spots on the nails appear when there are problems with health. The complete absence of a nail makes a person feel vulnerable and helpless.

Cure sick nails on your toes prettyit is difficult, because nails grow very slowly, receiving negligible amounts of nutrients from the blood. Sometimes it takes up to six months before a new, clean and healthy nail grows. The problem will help to solve modern methods of treatment, including drugs for both internal and external use.

Before you start medicationtreatment of nails, it is necessary to realize that, or who gives you anxiety and a desire to protect your inner world. Understanding the essence of this problem will help to make an algorithm for its solution.